Reacting to the Orlando Attack

A Quick Reaction To the Orlando Nightclub Shooting

First of all I apologize to anyone still reading this blog for the lack of recent content. I’ve been going through a crisis of confidence lately. In additional I’m sure unsure whether this is supposed to be just another geek blog or an alt-right political commentary. I’ll probably be jumping back and forth from topic to topic as various whims take my fancy. Bear with me I’m basically operating out of a hat here.

So what brings me here tonight? Politics and current events. Two things I’m not comfortable covering but sadly the only things I’ve ever written that anyone ever cared about were ridiculous platitudes like “I believe that children should be educated, not indoctrinated or used as sex toys by a ruling elite.”

I writing this on June 13th 2016 the day after Orlando nightclub shooting and it is with great anger and difficulty that I am trying to wrap my head around what has happened and more importantly how insane and baffling the media reaction to this event has been. Those who know me well know I have a tendency towards gallows humor. I am in no way making light of the death of forty-nine people but I am simply trying to cope with the tragedy, in the way that works best for me. Besides if you’re easily offended you’re probably reading the wrong blog.

This post is just my quick reaction to the tragedy and the initial media spin. I’ll reserve the right to do a more comprehensive rant once the victims have been buried and the full story has come to light.

The quick version: by Paul Joseph Watson

The LONG version: by Stefen Molyneux

Seriously if have the time watch this video or listen to the podcast.

In short this was an act of terrorism. An undeniable act of terrorism where Islamic teaching was undeniably a major factor if not the sole cause. So what was the immediate reaction of the mainstream media? To blame everything but Islam and to immediately call for stricter gun control. Oddly the exact same reaction to the terrorist attack in California six months earlier.

This was a not a shooting.

This was not a hate crime!



Now the known suspect Omar Mateen does give off a bit of a ‘patsy’ vibe (which doesn’t change the fact he’s a fucking terrorist and can burn in hell!) People are also VERY suspicious about the official story so far. Still this is another attack on The West and still the media elite bend over backwards in order to deny that there is any sort of a problem.

This was not a ‘lone wolf’ attack as the shooter had at least one accomplice.

Report that the shooter was gay.

Definitely a little wary of the tabloid nature of that article but if it’s true the story above paints an entirely different picture of the one known suspect.

So in summary Omar Mateen;

-A second generation immigrant. (Second generation immigrants always have issues with identity, but that’s another blogpost.)

-Had a failed marriage that was likely abusive

-Poor relationship with father

-Possible closeted gay

-Showed clear signs of mental illness

-Became radicalized (likely searching for a identity.)

-Those warning signs were ignored out of political correctness

-Had already been investigated by the FBI

Yes, this whole thing was a clusterfuck just waiting to happen but that’s not what has me pissed off.

The virtue signalling!


I stayed off twitter most of yesterday (watching Hearts of Iron IV let’s plays instead; which you have to admit is a better use of my time.) However I did catch quite a few sickening examples of leftist virtue signalling and calls for gun control, rants about white supremacy, toxic masculinity and other flavors of the week.


Including this… the Anti-GamerGate crowd trying to tie the shooting to violent videogames.


Okay… I’m still trying to figure the logic behind that one. Have to be deep, deep into the gamma bubble for any of that to make sense. Sad to think I was once a fan of MovieBob Chipman.

Now compare all of that to how islamists reacted to the nightclub shooting.


Why that’s not problematic at all. Truly the religion of peace.

Islamists and the Progressive Left: The Anti-Humanist Alliance

So why do social justice warriors and the extreme support Islam when most, if not all Muslims are violently against every single one of their trendy causes like gay rights and animal cruelty? Is it because Islam and SOCJUS are both enemies of The West? Well partially but another aspect of this most unlikely of bedfellows is that both parties are anti-humanist in nature. As in both groups would deny human nature and hold that human beings have an inherently negative value.

I really need to finish the half-written article I have on this subject but I’ll leave you with a trailing thought.

Is the amoral familism found in Arab culture a defensive evolution in order to allow a family to survive in an anti-humanist society? Well it’s something to think about, anyway.

Anyway that’s all I have to say for the time being. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go wash the taste of pompous media asshatery out of my mouth.

End Notes/ Bonus Links

Mike Cernovich’s Article on there likely being more than one shooter.

Ethan “The Ralph” Ralph’s editorial on the attack.

Janet “Judgybitch” Bloomfield’s rantastic blogpost on the leftist reaction to the attack.

Matt Forney’s response to all the people he pissed off on Twitter the day of the shooting.

I was wondering what had happened; he keep retweeting death threats and butthurt idiots but I couldn’t figure out what he had said to piss them off so much. Good work Matt. That was some high tier shitlording.

R.S. McCain on the blameshifting going on in the media.

Story about the shooter’s father being a long time CIA asset.

Unsure about the source here but it certainly would fill in a lot of the background. Also exactly the sort of man the CIA would keep around “just in case.”

Reacting to the Orlando Attack

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