Feints, False Flags and Failing Faster

All warfare is based on deception — Sun Tzu

It’s still too early to tell whether Trump is playing 36DD chess or whether he truly has fumbled the nuclear football and fallen into the hands of the neocon lairs who surround him.

But upon farther reflection there is something very odd about the Syrian tomahawk strike. Of the fifty-nine missiles that were fired only twenty-three struck the intended target. So either…

1:) Vital missile components were outsourced to Bangladesh.

2:) or those missiles were basically used as decoys to make the initial strike look larger.

This leads me to one conclusion. The missile strike was a feint or a pulled punch.

Why would Trump do this? I really don’t have an answer for that. So far the best theories take note that Trump was meeting with the President of China at the time these missiles were launched.

Another theory I’ve seen mentioned as that Trump and Bannon are using this incident to smoke out neocons and Islamists inside the military and intelligence community.

That seems just a little too good to be true in my opinion, but we should all know never to count the God-Emperor out.

and if this is all a massive kabuki theatre bluff it’s probably not a good idea to play poker with WarMaster Mattis either.

Of course I’m working off of very little information here but at least it’s no longer all doom and gloom.

Stock footage for a new generation.

Final thought: Feints are usually accompanied by a main attack elsewhere.

Feints, False Flags and Failing Faster

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