Early Captain Euro Cosplay.

I’m sure there’s a story here…


hmm… this must be before the super soldier serum kicks in.


Early Captain Euro Cosplay.

Just a Prank, Bro.

I’m on record as complaining that this moment is “Faker than a stripper’s new titties” but after a few days of thinking about it I have to stop and admire the craftmenship.


So clearly what happened here is that one of the patriot or alt-right infiltrators managed to slip the fake banner into the protest. The only mistake they made is that NAMBLA would not refer to themselves as ‘pedos’ and probably want nothing to do with a group of International Marxist terrorists. Still well done Secret Squirrel Shitlords.

Oh and as a wonderful bonus we’ll now have an internal witchhunt inside antifa which considering that they are a group made up mostly of methheads, soyboys and college professors should be an absolute blast to watch unfold.

Final Verdict: Troll rating 9/10. Would defend Mi’Lady’s tire.

Just a Prank, Bro.

A Proven Solution

A proven solution to a sadly reoccurring problem.

This is a bit of throwaway chapter that will probably be part of a larger work. Still I think it’s a good enough laugh on its own.


The terrorist attack on the Tiki Tacky Club had been only one of three simultaneous attacks by Marxist elements against soft targets in the city. Fortunately causalities were far lighter than they had any right to be. The attack on the nightclub had failed due to the completely unexpected rigor with which the junior naval officers and asteroid miners who made up most the clientele had fought back. The other two attacks failed mostly due to poor planning and the inexperience of the Marxist guerillas. The final body count was somber; forty seven civilians and eight policeman killed but San Tseung was in many ways a military city and the people took the news in stride. They would weep for the fallen but they had seen bad times before. Of the thirty estimated attackers, twenty four were confirmed dead, and two more were captured. They would for a brief moment become the focus of an angry city’s hate.

Sensing a threat to his authority the local High Justice acted quickly without waiting for a response from the System Governor’s office. The two terrorists were given a summary trial and sentenced to death under the Martial Law previsions of the Emergency Powers Act. Since they were communists, tradition demanded that they be put to death by being thrown out of a rotary-winged aircraft. Not always the easiest thing to find but thankfully an eccentric plantation owner was willing to lend the government the use of his aircraft, after all it was simply part of his civic duty. Even better the aircraft in question was an actual to honest God helicopter and not an autogyro or a tilt-rotor. The High Justice was almost beside himself with joy, he would be able to honor the tradition after all.

The Governor of course was sceptical but the High Justice was a very convincing man and evidence was cut and dry. They were Marxist Terrorists caught in the act. Now convinced the Governor, a former policeman himself suggested a refinement of the High Justice’s plan. Instead of quietly throwing the terrorists out of the helicopter over the ocean as was the normal practice and letting the nearsharks and razorsquids make a brief meal of them, the Governor wanted to make an example out of them. They would throw the communists out of the helicopter directly over the main plaza in the middle of the commercial district; there was a very nice flat concrete parking lot that would do nicely, and produce a memorable visual effect in the process.

The High Justice thought about this for a moment and pointed out that some of the foodcart vendors who normally conducted business in that area might not be too fond of that idea. The Governor dithered for a minute or so before suggesting that it might be best to pay a slight compensation to the local vendors (he would later do so out of his own privy purse) but that the central plaza was the place to make this happen. The High Justice heartily agreed. It was time to send a message.

Word of the planned operation spread rapidly throughout the soldiers and gendarmes of the demoralized garrison detachment and was greeted with almost ecstatic zeal. They were going to throw a pair of actual communists out of a real helicopter, just like in the old movies. Arrangements were made in record time. By midday tomorrow the plaza was cleared by local police and the helicopter, a sleek beautiful machine that seemed to mock the laws of physics was airborne with its two special passengers. It was time for justice; Breyland colonial style.

Unfortunately the two terrorists were historically illiterate papaya farmers and did not seem to appreciate the fact they were being thrown out of a real authentic helicopter, rather than one of the garrison’s tilt-rotors. The two gentlemen in question voiced their rigorous protests all the way down and then suddenly stopped. Luckily one of the gendarmes had taken on his own initiative, to attach small recording devices to the terrorists so he and his mates could enjoy the comrades inflight conversation and that inevitable scream of terror just before impact. Those sound recordings passed through several hands in quick secession and were inadvertently leaked to the local media, just in time to be broadcast as part of the local nightly news.

While the Breylanders were universally pleased with themselves; the response among the locals was admittedly mixed. Some of the wealthier citizens felt the spectacle an unnecessary piece of street theatre and would have preferred have had the situation in a much more quiet and discreet manner. The local Patriarch of the Western Orthodox Church was the sole voice condemning the executions as un-Christian barbarism. This caused a great deal of agitation within the church rank and file and the Patriarch would later have to clarify that his objection was to the method of execution and the denial of proper Christian burials, not to the executions themselves.

Among the lower classes there was a strange silent solidarity, while some of the other cities on the planet might harbour some lingering sympathy for the Marxist insurgents almost all of the permanent residents of San Tseung were the children and grandchildren of refugees who had been forced out of their farms and villages during the initial uprising a generation ago. While no-one openly cheered the execution there was a certain amount of stoic satisfaction and the only sympathy they felt was to the poor sanitation workers who had to clean up the resulting mess.

With that small bit of closure the fine upstanding residents of San Tseung returned to the ethanol-fuelled joie de vivre that was their day to day lives.

A Proven Solution

ComicGate Might Actually Be Happening

…or it might just be another day on the internet.

Too early to tell.


Captain Cummings sums up the Makemymilkshake kerfuffle [11 mins]

Anyone else starting to notice a pattern here.


Diversity and Comics gives his take. [19 mins]

Marvel is at war with the fans. Straight up and down. They hate them.”

Interesting to see these two fairly non-political comic reviewers* quoting Vox Day’s Three Laws of the SJW. Also there was a fun anecdote about DnC’s time in the marines. Rant rating 9/10.


And if you have a lot of time on your hands here’s The_Bechtloff’s last podcast. I believe the first half hour or so is comic related and covers the incident in question. [1H 10M]

Sadly Mr. Bechtloff did not get mentioned in the Mary Sue. His point however about SJW Marvel writers not being real geeks is spot on. Old geeks tend to get very angry when SJW hipster trash fake geeks bully and shame teenage geeks (who are not yet secure and confident in their geekdom.)


Anyway again while I’m not a comic guy myself I do intend to keep an eye on things. If ComicGate does break out I will do my best to follow events from the frontline as a “completely unbiased embedded reporter.”


*Yes about a quarter of their audience are Alt-Right but the two gentlemen in question come across as Displaced or Anti-Left Center Similar to Sargon of Akkad. This is fine; a single-issue activist needs no politics. Also comic reviewers should be talking about comics.


Comic writers of the past versus comic writers today.


Stay vigilant Brave Reader! For the War for the Heart of Geekdom continues.

—Wolfman Out—

At this point people might find themselves supporting the Alt-Hero project purely out of spite. Going to be very interesting to see what happens.


ComicGate Might Actually Be Happening

The Proposed Fourth and Fifth Laws of the SJW.

The scientifically established Three Laws of The SJW


But alas it appears that may be more to SJW Theory than we originally thought.


The Fourth Law: (Which I attribute to Bradford C. Walker)

SJWs will sacrifice YOU for power

SJWs crave one thing above all else POWER!!! and they will do anything to get it. Family, friends, co-workers random people on Twitter. No act of treachery is too vile for them to consider. No relationship to sacred to throw into the fire in hope of appeasing the Great Holy Narrative. They will come for you.


The Proposed Fifth Law:

SJWs ALWAYS leave money on the table.

This is what bring me here today. SJW Convergence eats away at a company and very quickly destroys its ability to understand what their customers actually want. Even if the company is still capable of producing quality work the SJW takeover of the middle management prevents the upper management from getting clear “end user feedback” from the customer base and completely cuts off the information flow within the company as well. (You need to talk your field hands from time to time.)

This leads to bad business decisions. Not only is the now converged company producing the wrong products and wasting resources on corporate feel good virtue signalling but it leads to the infuriating phenomenon of NOT producing products that the old customer base actually want and which could EASILY turn a profit.

It usually takes a few years for a competitor to exploit this gap in the market but when it does happen it can happen very quickly and of course sense the upper management in an SJW converged organization is not getting accurate information (even if they wanted it) the company is powerless to fight off the new competition.

Therefore SJWs ALWAYS leave money on the table. Sooner or later (even years or decades later) somebody else will pick it up.


Marvel SJW writers are now using Youtube’s copyright system to censor critics. [6 mins]

Capn Cumming has an extremely annoying voice but he’s definitely one of the good guys.

And a final side note I’m not a comic reader myself but a lot of my friends are so I make it a point to at least try to keep up on news. After all it’s all one big culture war.


Update: Snidely Whiplash at VP suggests rewording the Fourth Law to

“SJWs will sacrifice anybody, no matter how close, to maintain their place in the warren.

On one hand this is a better, more detailed, more intelligent way to put it on the other hand it requires the reader to be familiar with r/K selection theory and I do think we need to keep things as 100 IQ friendly as possible. The normies are already confused let’s not make things worse. That said very happy to get any sort of feedback on this.

It does occur to me that studying SJW Theory is a lot like trying to discover elements on the periodic table. We know there is something there we just need to find it and figure out a way to describe it to others.

Update Two:

A peer reviewer points out that the Three Established Laws are based on what SJWs are observed to do. While the Proposed Fifth Law is based on something SJWs are observed NOT to do. This may be enough to disqualify the Proposed Fifth Law.

The Proposed Fourth and Fifth Laws of the SJW.

Day One of the CNN 4chan War

Day One of the CNN-4chan War: It begins.


Anything the American people does to the media is self-defence.”

It looks like it’s on. Hell, hundreds of CNN employees have locked down their twitter accounts and are attempting to disappear up their own assholes. Alas there is no escape from the oncoming tidal wave of weaponized autism.


The other recent post on VP about this outlining some inconsistencies in the CNN story.


as usual the comments are gold.


#CNNBlackmail compilation from Gotnews

Trust me it’s worth six minutes of your time.

Probably should watch this one before Youtube takes it down.


/pol/ really is on the warpath.


We tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen.


Gateway pundit on how CNN might have committed a felony here.



Spotted on Gab

People were discussing doing letter spam to the doxxed CNN crew.
But did you know you can cheaply mail people live chickens?
And for these chickens to be kept properly requires feed, shelter, etc that costs more than the chickens themselves.
But I don’t recommend anyone do this.



Mister Metokur pitches in. Short and sweet.


A decent summary by USSAnews.



Spotted on /pol/ and then immediately culturally appropriated for the glory of Greater Breyland.


The Special Intelligence Service would be all over this. Mostly to piss off the civilians mind you.


Stefan Molyneux breaks things down. [20min]

Always the voice of sanity in these times of madness.


Styxhexenhammer666 gives his take. [15min]


—Wolfman out—

Yeah I have no idea what’s happening either.

Cry ‘Awoo’ and let slip the wolfgirls of war.

Day One of the CNN 4chan War

And Shit Almost Gets Real

Well this was a lovely thing to wake up to.

Very few details available at the moment.

Someone one told me that the two most common forms of terrorism were Islamic terror and Communist terror. This looks like the latter. However he doesn’t seem to have been a very accurate shooter.

Styx makes an excellent point here as this was a major lapse in security. Thankfully BernieBro marksmanship standards prevented this from being a MAJOR incident.

Still the Media has blood on its hands here and America continues to limp closer and closer to Civil War.


Archives of the shooter’s deleted Facebook page (via Mike Cernovich)



This answers the question ‘Who is watching this cancerous MSM crap TV?”

Update Two:

It looks like someone archived the whole thing in PDF form.

Archive in PDF form

It occurs to me that the Alt-Right may need to form some sort of rapid response teams in order to make sure that critical clues needs for citizen journalism aren’t just wiped out of existence.

And Shit Almost Gets Real