The Storm: Clouds Gathering

Okay getting just a little bit concerned here.

I have been at least trying to keep up on the events of The Storm and the Qanon posts but there’s a lot to go through and everybody has a slightly different take on each event. This I guess is where the two or three witnesses thing comes in.

Finding this site to be particularly useful.


Roy Potter on the conflict between the Military Intelligence (pro Trump) and the FBI/CIA/NSA [20mins]

Talking mostly about Qanon and related topics. As far as I can tell Roy Potter is genuine even if he is not the greatest presenter. One take away here is that a declaration of martial law or even an actually shooting war is a very real possibility. Not a pleasant thought to say the least. Which bring me to the question. What was the plan if Trump had lost the election? There must have been one… and I’m very thankful that we’ll never know the answer to that question.



Steve Motley being a crazy, hardcore motherfucker [15mins]

An attempt to put everything into perspective here. Very passionate and a lot of points that need to be considered very seriously. Again the idea that Trump was asked to run for president by the marines and military intelligence, comes up. I’m not completely sold on Motley but he’s making a lot of sense here and isn’t contradicting established facts.


Has Sessions been a complete failure? Or has he been following orders and simply lying in wait all this time?


Marines on Yellow Alert and other news [18mins]

Little iffy on this channel as the host strikes me as a little too herbally enhanced. Also the flat earth stuff is a big red flag in my book. Still I felt it was worth including.


A quick note on Thomas Wictor before I call it a night. I think he’s wrong about outright dismissing the err…non-official explanations of the Las Vegas Shooting. However it should be noted that the whole elaborate /pol/ version of events does not actually contradict Mr. Wictor when it comes to events in the Middle East and the Saudi Reformers (where he is pretty much is the established gold standard expert at this point.) Thomas might be missing a few points on the domestic side but that’s not why anyone follows him. The man’s forced me to completely rethink my understanding of the Middle East and the likely events in the coming decades and for that I salute him.

A Fully Functioning LV Shooting Theory

Anyway that’s enough for now. Hopefully I’m just being paranoid and pessimistic.

Actually that’s another point. All the reliable people who would have some inside knowledge seem to be extremely optimistic. That’s a good sign.

To quote Qanon “We are winning bigly.”

The Storm: Clouds Gathering

Damn I Missed That.

I wasn’t going to say anything about the Second Battle of Berkley (as by the time I get around to collecting my thoughts on current events all relevant points have usually been explored) but I do have to admit this was an excellent catch by Seattle4truth.

I’m sure that there are plenty of reasons to be carrying a glass bottle in the middle of a “totally peaceful protest” some sort of delicious hipster green tea for example… oh who are we kidding?

To paraphrase Stefan Molyneux “A Molotov cocktail is not an argument.”

But if we’re all going back to primitive combat then I suppose duels between champions are all well and good. Might I suggest Antifa girl and Lauren Southern wrestling in a oversized kiddy pool filled with chocolate pudding? Truly a battle for the ages. I wonder if we can get a kickstarter going for that?

RPGpundit gives his very well done summary of the story of the Battle of Berkeley. Always interesting to see these sort of things from people you wouldn’t expect it from.

I suppose I really should down sometime in the next week and expand on what I meant by The Six Stages of Civil Conflict which are for the record.

1 Protests

2 Riots

3 Street Battles

4 Paramilitary gun battles

5 De facto Civil War

6 Open Civil War

The contemporary Hard Left are strongest at Stage Two but as we can see as things start to move into Stage Three they are beginning to lose. If things get to Stage Four things are going to go very badly for the Left. Hopefully a few more Battle of Berkeley style beatdowns will be enough to push things back into Stage Two but sadly violence in more likely to escalate than de-escalate. After all SJWs always Double Down.

As things are going the Hard Left will run into the Hard Right and I don’t think too many people are going to feel sorry for them when they do.

At Stage Five things go full Tom Kratman. Thankfully that’s not something I expect but it may still happen. I’m always a pessimist when it comes to these things. Anyway those are just my thoughts for the day.


Damn I Missed That.

The Man Nails it Again

Jim or Mister Metokur gives his take on the recent developments in modern political discourse.

I have no idea what’s happening 1:30-1:45 but I damn near busted a hernia laughing.


Are you ready to Deus Vult? These guys are.

Earlier related

We Smash Commies We must all learn the Way of the Stick and the Path of Baseness

Stages of Civil Conflict and the Violent Leftist’s Dilemma No comrade escalating the violence will NOT end well for you.

Fuck Communism A collection of anti-communist posters and memes.

The Man Nails it Again

Stages of Civil Conflict and the Violent Leftist’s Dilemma

The Violent Leftist’s Dilemma

Going through a lot of peace advocate’s regret here. I suppose that’s to be expected in this day and age. Also I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the matter of civil conflict both ‘short of war’ and in the case of open civil war. Mostly for the novels I still intend to write at some point* but it seems that I’m going to get a much closer look at this topic then I ever expected to.


There seems to be six stages or levels of Civil Conflict.

1: Protests

2: Riots

3: Street battles

4: Paramilitary gun battles

5: Covert or informal civil war.

6: Open civil war

My current assessment is that The Hard Left is strongest at Stage Two: Riots (as most Trump supporters have these things called jobs and families and can’t just counter-riot) will begin to lose control at Stage Three: Street Battles and will instantly lose if things get to Stage Five.

Stage Three or street battles is probably the most romantic and interesting from a fictional point of view. After all you get to hit your opponent with a club without getting shot in the groin by a sniper five blocks away. This is actually the sort of thing every Gamma male dreams of; “honorable combat” without the real risks of a proper war. There of course of two problems with this approach.

-Most Gammas are horrible fighters

-Violence begets violence and once the deaths occur the conflict will rapidly escalate into stage four: Paramilitary gun battles.

And in America who has the guns? And for that matter the gun culture required to use them effectively. Something tells me it’s not the people you meet in Starbucks.


Stage four of a civil conflict will not end well for the Left. The Intelligent Left understands this. The problem is that there is very little intelligence remaining in the spirit of modern Left. The dancing clowns of Antifa will push their luck for as long as they can. After all is this not a chance to live out their fantasy? They will be the Commissar not just another body in the ditch.

The problem with that little fantasy is that Terror Tactics tend to backfire and increase the resolve of the targeted population. Remember that the reaction of the Alt-Right (and a few people I had thought as calm moderate Conservatives) to the Berkley Riots was to spam the March of Cambreadth everywhere.

At the very least a population targeted by terrorists will begin (however slowly in the case of Europe) to defend themselves and take countermeasures. The difference between a riot and a street battle is that there are two sides willing and prepared to fight. I’m looking forward to the absolutely hysterical reaction we’ll see when the violent left runs into a crowd of people who just aren’t going to take their shit anymore (or Kek help us all one of those Right Wing Safety Squads I keep hearing rumors about.) With any luck that will be enough to stop the escalation of violence. I just wouldn’t put any sort of money on it.


Remember Captain Texas is only The First Avenger. Expect there to be others.

Yes I’m going off on a bit of a rant here but the American elite and especially the media seem to be BADLY underestimating the level of anger in ‘flyover country.’ There is simply no way they can win a civil war. The March of the Red Hats will not be stopped. They are obsessing over Trump while completely failing to understand that Trump is riding the movement he himself is not the movement. And if they’re stupid enough to ‘Get rid of Trump’ Oh sweet Jesus! will the helicopters fly.


Oh and speaking of Gammas… the trolls at Vox Populi have been especially heavy the last few weeks so seeing this brought a smile to my face.


I’ve stated before that I’m an extreme pessimist. I hope to hell that I’m wrong about the violence escalating but the longer the current state of affairs continues the more likely deaths will occur. I’m honestly astonished that there have been so few deaths up to this point. That said it will not take much to stroke the fire. Only the promise that Grand Inquisitor Sessons will actually bring law and order back to the United States is keeping things from turning truly ugly.


A masterfully edited version of Sabaton’s Sparta.

Really seems to capture the current mood of the American Hard Right.

I’ll leave you with this because while righteous anger has a place it’s always best to walk away with a smile.


*Since I have a friend who will ask. I had to completely scrap my opening and start over. Brothers in the Dust really isn’t that ambitious a project and I should be able to pull it off. My problem has always been my inability to focus on one thing at a time. I haven’t given up I just need to take a completely different approach. For one thing I’m seriously over world building but that’s another rant for another day.

Stages of Civil Conflict and the Violent Leftist’s Dilemma

Why No Endgame?

What is your Endgame?

Dear buffoonish midwits of the American Establishment Left? I ask one simple question. “What by the Seven Sacred Fucks of Mount Fuckmore is your endgame?” Under what scenario does abandoning not only the Rule of Law but the very Pretense of Law lead you to a happy ending?

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t really been following the news too closely the last few weeks but it seems that the Shock and Awe of the impossible Trump victory has led to a state of hysterical panic among the snakes, gators and leeches who inhabit the Great Swamp That Is To Be Drained. Enough so that they in their delusions of grandeur are plotting domestic acts of terrorism and blathering about civil war and revolution.

Now most of this is just that delusions and fever dreams that are spewing out their mouths as they lay on the ground convulsing after having been knocked out of their secret kingdoms in the clouds by the iron gauntlet of reality.

But some it is not mere hot air. The very political operatives, community organizers and phony $15-an-hour anarchists are continuing their efforts to spread chaos and fear despite the fact IT WAS THIS VERY ACTIVITY THAT BROUGHT TRUMP TO OFFICE.


Again people even (gasp) normies have caught on to what Soros and Friends are doing. The gig is up, the game is over you lost. Now pack up your shit and go home.

Sadly it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Which brings me to big news of the day. The newest Project Veritas video that covers an apparent conspiracy to sabotage the Deploraball with the use of a chemical weapon.

There’s a couple things of note here. First while I’m not 100% convinced this was a legit plot Mike Cernovich is apparently taking it seriously enough that he is planning to file criminal charges; something I doubt he’d do lightly.

Also note this meeting took place at Comet Ping Pong of all places! This is either an act of epic stupidity or of arrogance the likes of which humanity hasn’t seen in centuries. Wasn’t the ENTIRE POINT of the fake news narrative to draw attention away from Pizzagate?

And quite a few people are pointing out how stupid and childish this whole idea was (which is why some pundits are thinking that Project Veritas got taken for a ride.)

Zerohedge’s take on the whole thing.

That said NOONE is denying that the Globalists and their useful idiots are going to do every thing they can to disrupt the inauguration in the ridiculous hope that Donald Trump will go away simply if they wish it really really hard.

Sorry there snowflakes but the God-Emperor is Ascending and the only question at this point is will the wall be twenty feet tall and paid for by a tax on remittances to Mexico or thirty feet tall and topped with iron spikes, adorned with the heads of traitors and heretics?

I predict the former but the latter is still a possibility. ‘Joe Six Pack’ has spoken and unfortunately for The Powers That Until Recently Were he’s bringing his buddy “Joe Six-Gun” with him.


Okay worst case scenario is a three week long civil war between Clinton supporters in the CIA and media and Trump supporters in the police and military.

I say three weeks because I’m such an extreme pessimist that I’m actually giving the Deep State a chance here. In reality most of the mid-level intelligence types would be ecstatic for a chance to get rid of their politically appointed bosses.

Even a successful Trump assassination does not stop the March of the Red Hats. I really wish I could get people to understand that. All encouraging violence does at this point is speed up the destruction of the Modern Left. They have to know that? Have to? Right? Maybe they really are a Death Cult?


Finally I’ll end by linking to Tom Kratman‘s post where he gives loving and very fatherly description of what exactly would happen if President Obama tried to declare martial law to stop Trump from becoming president. Well worth a read.

What can I say? The man just has a way with words. Truly a modern master of the English language.

Why No Endgame?