Alex Jones most recent piece on the Syria missile strikes (about an hour or two after they happened.

This is probably the most optimistic interpretation of events. A surgical “smoke and mirrors” airstrike does at least make a tiny amount of sense. Still right now about 95% of Trump’s base feel like they just got Falcon punched in the dick.

And then there’s THIS which just has my blood BOILING. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/04/06/swedish-medical-associations-says-white-helmets-murdered-kids-for-fake-gas-attack-videos/

And no Turkey is not a neutral party in all this either!


Anyway I need to call it a night hopefully I won’t wake up with mushroom clouds on the horizon. Trump is making a mistake here or at least taking an unacceptable risk for minimal gain. Deus does not Vult. I’m not as blackpilled as I was earlier but fuck if this one doesn’t hurt like a son of bitch.



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