Heavy Weapon Fails

Just another lazy night so I figured I’ll post a few videos that might bring a smile to your face.



Actually mortars seem to be much harder to use than I expected.


Warning video contains horrible techno-music but also pirates getting their asses kicked.

and finally here are some terrorists blowing themselves up.


One commenter brought up the idea of sabotaged munitions which may explain some of the ISIS fail videos.


Heavy Weapon Fails

Bitchute is Bestchute

Since YouTube seems to censoring all serious discussion about the Parkland School S… err… Unexpected Academic Kinetic Incident I’m finding myself digging through bitchute seriously for the first time. Anyway here’s a pair of short videos I felt were worth highlighting. This whole clown circus has me pretty pissed off and that’s even before I take into account some of the more wild (and frightening) recent Anonymous Conservative posts.


Bombard’s Body language analysis of David Hogg’s CNN Interview [6 mins]

Absolutely scathing. Definitely an “Emergency Entertainer.” The rest of the Drama Club I’m not so sure about but Hogg is clearly a plant.



Truth Factory sums up the Parkland Shooting Story. A must watch. [12 mins]

And probably the best Normie friendly account to date.


Bitchute is Bestchute

Men and Machines: How To Start An 1927 Aircraft Engine in the Canadian Arctic.

Time for a quick break from politics, tinfoil and “actors of crisis.”


The following is from an account of a 1927 RCAF arctic exploration mission.

“Pilots and crews soon perfected a procedure for starting the Fokkers in the severe Arctic weather. After each flight the engines were completely drained of oil, which was then stored in a warm place until needed again. To start up, the groundcrew towed the machine to its take-off position, faced it into the wind. and covered the engine with a fitted asbestos cover. They then directed the heat from tow or three blow torches through a length of stove pipe into the air space around the engine. After 30-45 minutes heating, during which the mechanic regularly turned over the propeller, the torches were removed and engine oil, having been heated on a stove, was poured into the lines. Finally, and very quickly¬† before the engine cooled the engine was started. The system worked well, even when aircraft were forced down away from base.”


The type of aircraft in question:


Wikipedia version for those of you having trouble with Infogalactic


Men and Machines: How To Start An 1927 Aircraft Engine in the Canadian Arctic.

This Video Was Banned

This video was banned from YouTube very shortly after I watched it.

A gentleman (or sympathic AI) was kind enough to mirror it.

This video concerns the possible use of crisis actors during Parkland Shooting.

Well I’m not a fan of Anti-school’s style he makes a convincing case here.

The video is about 30mins.


Update: Well looks like they banned the mirror but no worries, fam. Here’s a D-tube link




and fuck if worst comes to worst I’ll post a torrent or something.



This Video Was Banned

Either Way This is Very Disturbing Stuff

Stefan Molyneux on the Nikolas Cruz shooting. [43 mins]

Note that this the calm reasonable version of events. The 4chan white supremacist hoax is covered at around the 25 minute mark. Actually you might want to grab a beer or some popcorn for that part; highly entertaining stuff if you’re partial to graveyard humor… also Alt-Retard in action.


And this via Anonymous Conservative is the completely insane trainwreck version that is impossible to look away from.


Tinfoil hats might just be the hot new fashion craze of Spring 2018.



Do tinfoil hats actually stop the microwaves? What about those space blankets they sell in survival kits? I don’t know about you fam but the Rabbit Hole is getting a little too deep for my liking.


Update: So whatever happened the response to the Florida school shooting is clearly being stage managed.


Now this doesn’t mean that the shooting itself was a false flag. A quick response team set up to exploit a specific scenario could be reacting to a genuine event.

on the other hand people keep posting pictures like this…



Either Way This is Very Disturbing Stuff