The AltRight and the SSH

Just another stray thought that lingered long enough for me to get it written down.

Alpha: Hey Lefty! That’s a nice skull you got there. I’ll like to drink from it.

Beta: Okay… That’s it! I tried to be nice but you fuckers just won’t quit will you? Now excuse me while I wreck your shit and stomp your dreams into the mud.

Sigma: Last seen sharpening his favorite scalping knife and whistling to himself.

Delta: (Drunken singing) “Band of brothers marching together… heads held high in all kinds of weather…”

Gamma: White people are special and I like being special. Wait! Where you guys going? Wait for me!

Omega: Excuse me, sir. I was promised REVENGE!!! When do we burn down The Cathedral?

Lambda: Hmm… as a social and sexual deviant I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that the PC thought police are not my friends. Also they decided to side with the Islamists and I always make it a point to side with the people least likely to throw me off of a tall building.

The AltRight and the SSH

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