Welcome New Readers

Welcome to new readers: A guide to my older posts.

I’ve picked up a few new readers lately so I just wanted to take the chance to highlight and explain some of my older posts. I’m a very erratic blogger and tend to jump from topic to topic. As a general rule you should expect perhaps one intelligent well written article a month (and about two or three dumb kinda half-assed ones.) I do occasional go on hot streaks ( I seem to be on one now) so who knows when or what I’ll be posting next?

If you’re here because of politics try to keep in mind that I like to work with a very large Overton window. I define myself as right-libertarian (basically a Ron Paul guy) but I also dabble in the Anti-war Left and will chew on Reactionary thoughts from time to time. Also not every post will be political. Sometimes I like to talk about elf-chicks and spaceships. I’m only Alt-Right when I’m angry 😛

And the people who are here for the geek stuff will just have to put up with occasional rants about national identity and/or Social Sexual Hierarchy theory. Sorry cupcake this blog is not a safespace!

That said let’s begin. Where? Probably at the beginning.


This post was intended to introduce the blog and holds up pretty well in that regard. This post also works as a mission statement and I should probably make a habit of rereading it once a month in order to remind myself of what exactly I’m supposed to be doing here.


This is the post where I propose the idea the Canada’s Core Value is that of Humanism and play around with the concept of a National Struggle.


While this geek humor/game post is extremely funny it’s also an overreaction to a situation I had never been in before and deeply embarrassing on a personal level. Luckily the redhead in question and I did not get involved and disaster was averted.


This is big one. This is the article that everybody links to and considers me part of the Alt-Right for. Honestly I’m still in shock about it. I had at most a dozen readers when I sat down to write that article and was writing it mostly to organize my own thoughts. However one (maybe as many four) of those readers were of the Vile Faceless variety and word got out to Supreme Dark Lord himself who saw fit to quote and link the article on Alpha Game. (I still get one or two hits a day from that shout out.)

Also if you get the chance read The Neo-Ciceronian Times reaction and expansion to my original post. Which I only saw myself a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly his mind, body and soul metaphor exactly parallels my own thinking.


This is why I write up. I ask myself a question, manage to figure out a partial answer and then somebody else comes along and points out where I made a mistake, allowing me to if not get a full answer at least I wind up with a new better set of questions.


My shocked reaction to Vox Day’s shout out and also links to my earlier writing for The Ralph Retort.


Mostly just me moping but I do refer to Justin Trudeau as “Canada’s bachi bazi dancing puppet Prime Minister.” So at least it’s quotable. Quotable is what I do.


The first Evil Legion of Evil fanfiction short. If you’re a part of Vox Day’s fanbase you’ll find this extremely funny. If not? Well just move on with your life.


This was my response to a friend who asked whether or not I was a Christian only to find I couldn’t give him a straight answer. I do have an Evangelical background (I’m willing to admit that now) but again I’m a very private person and while one of the major themes of this blog is a man’s struggle to find himself there are parts of the struggle I have no intention to air out in public.

also a reminder that I do need to finish Cult of Life even if I never post or publish it.


Just a selection of four books that might interest any Canadians wanting to learn about history. Probably one of the more useful things I’ve actually done on this blog.


This was a comedy article I spat out after trying to follow some ridiculous gun control debate.


This was a bit of fun. This article was me trying to think through how being pro or anti gun would effect different cultures.


Just an emotional twitter rant I made reflecting back on GamerGate.


This was a straight up geek post. I was in the middle of a Batman phase after watching Suicide Squad. Got a lot of praise for this one.


While this was mostly a glorified shitpost I still want to know what is the democracy party’s plan B is Hillary drops dead before the election?


This the second ELOE fanfiction short story. I think this one is still readable even if you are not a fan of Vox Day. Also I was able to write this in a single session, which was a major break through for me as a writer.


My most recent post prior to this one. Just going to let this one speak for itself.

Welcome New Readers

2 thoughts on “Welcome New Readers

  1. Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus says:

    “Sorry cupcake this blog is not a safespace!”

    This is so scary and mean. You don’t seem to be politically correct at all!


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