Hillary’s Health and Endgame


Okay people I am just a little bit worried about the implications of the Hillary Clinton health scandal. After all it is now blindingly apparent that she is physically incapable of performing the duties the office of the President would require. There is also considerable doubt whether or not Mrs. Clinton will even be alive come November as her health is fading that quickly. I had expected the Wicked Witch of the West to melt away once splashed with the soapy water of the Truth but not this quickly. Why it looks like President Trump won’t even get a chance to throw her in jail.

The question that I’m asking and one that I do not even pretend to have the answer to is what are the Democrats going to do next? All their hopes and dreams were hanging on the Clinton machine. Even better if Clinton herself was a highly medicated zombie who was completely dependant on her staff and able to be bend around to whatever agenda the highest bidder had in mind. Was that Plan A?

So what is Plan B? Who is Plan B? They can’t go back to Bernie Sanders he’s burnt out his welcome.


The Secret Service is so frightened by the Clinton Health scandal that they are actually leaking information to Alex Jones.

I don’t know about you but I certainly that to be a terrifying state of affairs. What else is going on behind the scenes?

Tim Kaine who would logically be the successor seems to have the charisma of a dead mountain goat and would get absolutely crushed by Trump in a debate. They had to know Clinton’s health was a risk going into this election. There has to be a plan B or did the Clinton Crime family eliminate all rivals to power inside the Democratic Party so effectively that there is no viable successor? This is a common problem with dictatorships. So I suppose it’s actually sort of fitting. This election cycle has already destroyed the Republican Party and now it looks like it going to destroy the Democratic Party as well.

Come to think of it Bill’s health isn’t that great either but I digress.


Clinton Crime Family (called that for reason)


Which reminds me of this post made in February. (Notice the post names Biden as the replacement)


End Links:

Most recent article by Mike Cernovich on Hillary’s health concerns.


The Hillary’s Stools article. Which lead to sort of an adult version of Where’s Waldo?



Okay I had to laugh at this one.


Extra Images and Memes I couldn’t fit into the main body.

I only save two or three of these a day but it sure does add up over time.




Hillary’s Health and Endgame

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