Tempering the Edge

Okay based on a night’s reflection, feedback and advice from someone I respect I’m going to tone down the Teenage Edgewizard act. A friendly gentlemen was kind enough to point to the parking lot full of pickup trucks with Confederate flags and rifle racks and offer the insightful suggestion that any sort of Internet Tough Guy Syndrome would be highly er… counterproductive to my life’s goals.

By the way I’ve figured out where that particular syndrome is coming from. It’s from spending years on writing and amateur game design forums and getting increasing angry at a generation gap I didn’t understand at the time. Why was everyone five to ten years younger than me so touchy about so many subjects?

You can’t have slavery in your story. It’s racist!”

Why not? There’s slavery throughout history, the fictional culture I want to create would logically have some form of slavery and I want to explore the implications of that.”

Your story is racist, that makes you racist. Racism is bad. Don’t be racist.”

It’s fictional racism… these are both fictional races.”

But it will hurt real people’s feelings.”

So what? This is the story I want to tell. It’s not even the main focus of the story just part of the background.”

Background fictional racism is the gateway drug to real racism and slavery. Now excuse me for a second I need to a take another bong hit.”

“Okay than what about the spacehookers? What’s your opinion on that?”

(exhales) “Well… it’s either really sexist or feminist and empowering. Let me check…(flips coin) Nope sorry it looks like you’re a racist sexist pig!”

Okay you’re not making a hell of a lot of sense here.”

You’re just a stupid Canadian you don’t understand anything about America!”

So everything in America is about race… but if you actually try to talk about race you get shouted down as a racist. Got it.

[User was banned for this post]

…. okay maybe it never got that bad. Still it really confused me at the time.


Anyway since I’m interested in the actual ideas of the Alternate Right (I’ve already explored the barren wasteland of the Alternative Left;) I’m going to be a bit slower to jump into autistic mess foaming along the top of the #AltRight on twitter and other places.

A good thing to keep in mind in these dark times of [CURRENT YEAR] is that a lot of the people spewing memes right now are actually part of the nomadic heckler left. They have simply found a target that is so juicy they can’t help but keep throwing shit at it. Also there’s a lot of angry confused young men out there that have suddenly realized that the only way to really troll someone in this Time of Lies to the tell them the truth. The Alternative Right is by definition a search for the truth.

So anyway while the degenerates of #AltFurry are funny to joke around with and there’s a few friendships I would like to maintain based on the No Faggot Left Behind principle; there is actual work that needs to be done and I should probably be spending my time and effort on that, instead of dancing around the internet like a clown.

I’ve got a list of about twenty to thirty articles I’ll like to write. Some are altright-ish history and philosophy posts and others are writer blogs or discussions about the nature of or aspects in speculative fiction. I’ll stop there though as I’ve learnt the hard way not to talk about things I’m going to do. Much better to do them and then talk about the things you’ve done.

Still doing the Viking Metal thing though as I find that listening to songs about sailing through the icy fog to a distant land, crushing your enemies skulls and hearing the lamentations of their women; really does help me a lot with my everyday mindset.

After all I am reporting to you from the dark heart of Feminist-occupied Canada and I need all the help I can get.



Tempering the Edge

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