Conversation in the Twilight

Just happy little reminder of who the AltRight is actually scared of… and why it’s kind of important that we succeed in reversing the decline of the West.


The AltRight declares “I will stop the darkness.”

The MilRight snorts and replies,” No nightfall is coming, prepare yourself for in the dark we shall do unspeakable things.”

The AltRight shudders and then boldly proclaims,” No I will not give into despair. I will save the West.”

The MilRight simply grins, ”Who said anything about despair? You know Europa was originally a moon goddess*.”

The AltRight begins stuttering incoherently.

The MilRight grabs the AltRight and shakes them until they stop. “Listen! There will be a new dawn but that’s for our sons and grandsons. We shall fight for that new dawn even if it is not for us. You may dream of the Light but our fate is to fight under the night sky. Let the Desert Demon come and let us find out which moon shines brightest in the sky. I grow tired of these charades.”

*Okay the evidence for this is pretty thin but it’s debatable and made for a really good metaphor.

The evidence that Allah was originally a pagan moon god is strong enough to be beyond dispute.

Conversation in the Twilight

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