Alt-Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell Is Out

Arkhaven Comics has just released the second issue of Alt*Hero; this time following the American vigilante story and featuring the Rebel and Hammer characters that were central in the original trailer video.

This one definitely went in a different direction than I was expecting. While a certain level of dark grittiness was inevitable, shit got real very fast here.

It was also good to see that Rebel and Mike Hammer are actual multi-dimensional characters here when it would have been so easy to turn them into lazy stereotypes.

Overall while I liked Alt*Hero #1 Crackdown I couldn’t really get excited for it. I could see the European Storyline being set up for future issues and the comic was overall surprisingly funnier than I expected. In baseball terms issue #1 was a lead off single.

Issue #2 however was a RBI double, bringing home the baserunner and the bacon. Much faster pace and higher immediate stakes for the viewpoint characters. An element of humor remains however, as seen in the offhand some of the rebel superheroes are introduced to us.

Overall a clear step forward for Arkhaven and a bit of fun for the rest of us.


Looking forward to seeing the online hatescreeches… which just makes the whole fan experience ever better.


—Wolfman Out—

Alt-Hero #2: Rebel’s Cell Is Out

The Blue Wave Is Happening… In Canada

The great cosmic joke is that in Canada the colors of the major parties are reversed.


Quick explain this to someone from 2008.


The election of Doug Ford to the Premiership of Canada’s largest province Ontario is a major blow to the Canadian Left. I was expecting Ford to win but I wasn’t expecting him to damn near wipe out the opposition. This a big deal. Soy Minister Justin Trudeau is already behind in the next election. If the Liberals lose any more of their support in Ontario or Quebec the Conservatives are going to be unstoppable.


Stefan Molyneux’s Somewhat Philosophical Take on the Ontario Election [6 Mins]


Rebel Media on How This Election Is A Rebuke To The Media [6 Mins]

People are paying less and less attention to Fake News.


Ghost ranting about the Ontario Election. [9 mins]

Election talk start around the four minute mark. He’s an acquired taste but one hell of a showman. Also did I hear that right? 56% of eligible voters? For a provincial election? That’s a big deal!



This 2019 election is going to be so hilarious.

Let the Great Decucking begin.


Edit: Replaced a lackluster StyxHexenHammer video with a better, more topical one from Rebel Media.

The Blue Wave Is Happening… In Canada

Cyberfrog Lives

Just a small tiny insignificant event today but one that brought a lot of joy to my heart.

Today comic artist and Star Wars critic Ethan Van Sciver launched his Indiegogo campaign for the Cyberfrog Bloodhoney graphic novel; one of his dream projects.


and how well did it do?

Well for starters the initial goal of $8000 was reached within 23 minutes... and is currently sitting at $31,290. So yes this is another major comic kickstarter success to come out of comicsgate and the surrounding circles.

Again credit where credit is due and good job people.


Remember it’s for the children.

Cyberfrog Lives

Comics, Broken Jaws and Culture Wars.

Just need to stop and give credit where credit is due. The Jawbreaker Lost Souls indiegogo campaign has been a massive success. What makes this especially funny is the shocked frantic denials coming from the comic SJWs as their “designated Hitler” Richard C. Meyer (better know as Diversity and Comics) and blacklisted artist Jon Malin continue to win.

Douglas Ernst breaks down the big picture [9 mins]


Just over 130K at this point.

Diversity and Comics gives a great pep talk here. [19 mins.]


Well on one hand this is just another indie comic, on the other hand that is also the first major blow to the self appointed gatekeepers of the comic industry to come entirely from within the comics community… and I doubt it will be the last.

The War For the Heart of Geekdom continues. We will take back our hobbies.

—Wolfman Out—



Comics, Broken Jaws and Culture Wars.

Saint Donald’s Prayer.

Lord, make my enemies ridiculous

and as dumb as they are wicked.

May their greed lead to their downfall

and their perversions be drawn into the light.

May I be allowed to keep winning

and be victorious in your name.

So that I may spread your glory upon the Earth

as it is in Heaven, amen.


Origin: Late 21st century America. Later adopted into the Book of Common Prayers sometime in the early 23rd century.

Saint Donald’s Prayer.

Very Interesting Anon Theory

Did the loyal legions of the God-Emperor raid the Golden Island of El Diddlerado?

Was the recent Rachel Chandler Instagram blitz used as a misdirection?

This anon has a theory and it does fit with some of the more cryptic recent Q posts.


Seriously if Trump pulled this off… I joked about making him a Western Orthodox saint in the Breylandverse. That might not be good enough anymore.


We’ll know in a few days.

In the meantime remind the boys what we’re fighting for.


—Wolfman out—

Deus Vult

Very Interesting Anon Theory

Flashback Trump Posting

because patriots never sleep… and image folders aren’t going to sort themselves.


Still a hilarious video. Always worth a watch.



Flashback MSNBC Predicts a Clinton Landslide. Great if you need a laugh.

The poor goblin-man he just wants to believe so hard. Watch his body language.


A fun watch if you have popcorn handy.

Look at those eyes at the 50 second mark. He knew… in 2011.




Flashback Trump Posting