Quick Thoughts on the NPC Meme

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but here’s a short rant I just did on the NPC meme meaning different things to different generations.

For the older generation an NPC is someone completely controlled by the Game Master.

For the younger generation an NPC is an imitation of a human following a strictly programmed script.

In both cases this is a rhetorical killshot.


Also this is probably a good place to dump a bunch of memes isn’t it?






Anyway underground meme to New York Times in two weeks!

Quick Thoughts on the NPC Meme

Week Two of The Great Memewar

Welcome to the second week of The Great Memewar Not much in the way of news links this time but plenty of memes worthy of passing along to our frontline troops. Memewar is very much a long term thing; a permanent game long sidequest as you go about your daily business.

Mood Music: The best way to start of these.

Dedicated to all the hardworking memesmiths forging away in their dank caves of mystery.


The dank mystery of Covfefe solved. It’s not what we expected at all.

Top theologists and occult researchers inside the Church of Kek have long suspected that there did exist a separate God of Memes but it is with great alarm that we find evidence mounting to support that fact.

What did God-Emperor Trump mean when he tweeted Covfefe? Long has His loyal legions pondered that question. At last we know the answer, at last we know the cause of the Memewar. Covfefe is in fact the True Name of an Elder God, summoned by the God-Emperor and the White Wizard Ron Paul in order to destroy the Mainstream Media and crush them into the dustbin of history.

Covfefe is the Dank Penguin, The MemeGod summoned from Cocytus. He commands you to meme and so meme ye shall, lest ye face His wrath.


So not only is the God-Emperor’s name a killing word it seems that He summons Lovecraftian demon penguins for shits and giggles. Truly the winning will never stop.

Alex Jones has vehemently denied involvement in the summoning of Covfefe; although it is believed that a large of amount of Super Male Vitality would have been required for the ritual.


A meme warrior joyously joins the struggle.



Shortfatotaku and Scrumpmonkey on CNNBlackmail [30mins]

A couple of old gamergate hands discussing CNNBlackmail, corrupt Reddit admins, getting memes into the mainstream media and some asshole named Matt Myers.



This will not end well.


Not so fast


Savage. Jim just gives it to him.

Yeah as suspected the MTV reality show is nothing but hotair and marketing. Of course to be fair MTV hasn’t been culturally relevant since the mid 90’s. At this point its clear that another station is simply wearing their skin like a mask and pretending to be cool.


GotNews on Alt-Right Warlord Donald Trump Jr. savagely attacking the media.



The Left convincing themselves that Donald Trump has an imaginary friend named Jim.



The brave and courageous media fleeing in terror at the mere mention of Clinton corruption. Although with the Clinton Body Count constantly rising it is somewhat hard to blame them.



The July 11th Darkstream

Vox Day discusses his recent twitter ban, antifragile systems and stresses the main feature of the daily memewar mailing list. THE ENEMY CAN’T BLOCK IT… then he rants about football for several minutes. After which the Supreme Darklord outlines the current flaw in the big social media companies’ business model and how this has created opportunities for others to come in and provide an alternative. He mentions Alt-Hero briefly… after that I sort of fell asleep. But at least the first half was good.

The July 10th Darkstream was also memewar related, with discussion about the daily memewar mailing lists, media cycles and the importance of rhetorical flexibility.




This is funny on a couple of levels. The CNN anchor failing to recognize their national anthem and also FOX taking a shot at them for it.



Independent Journalist and part time Viking Peter Sweden covers how CNNBlackmail style behaviour in common in Sweden. Very alarming.




On the other hand never look at another man’s portal gun.




Semi-related but still pretty hilarious. Now remember this was only two weeks ago.



—Wolfman out—

Planning to do at least one more of these.

Until then meme hard you glorious bastards.

May we all meet in Sperghalla


Week Two of The Great Memewar

Sorry For the Dead Air, Folks.

Quick update

So I didn’t get the day off I was expecting and that’s going to to throw everything into a tizzy. I got a much stronger response to that last meme war post than I was expecting so I am planning another one even if the CNNBlackmail scandal is starting to die down. Probably go to a weekly summary format of some sort. We can probably count on the media to keep doing stupid shit, well into the future. So there should always be something to talk about.

For example there was a bit of a covfefe recently with that new MTV reality TV show but it turns out that it’s just hot air.

This gentleman sums things up nicely.

There’s a few other posts I’m working on or considering including at least two more Breyland worldbuilding posts (they do help me organize my thoughts.) So we’ll see what happens with those, I think you’ll enjoy one in particular.

Planning to post the next memewar summary friday night or saturday afternoon. The other posts will depend on what happens this weekend.

Peace, love and anime tiddies.

—Wolfman Out—


Sorry For the Dead Air, Folks.

Day Five of the CNN 4chan War

CNN is not going to be smart enough to stop fighting back.” —Vox Day from the July 8th #Darkstream

Every war has its special weapon, by which is meant the one which came to notice in that war alone, and which every combatant had to have in his armoury in order to compete with his adversaries. In the American Civil War it was the breech loading rifle in its many complicated forms. In the First World War it was the aeroplane, the submarine, and the machine gun. The Second World War saw the birth of several weapons, not least being the atomic bomb which obviously outstrips all others in importance, but in the more mundane field of infantry fighting the greatest radical introduction was the sub-machine gun.” — From Infantry Weapons by John Weeks (1971)


Welcome to the Great Meme War.

The ride truly never ends. On the surface things seems to be calming down but in reality the troops on both sides are just entrenching and preparing for the great struggle ahead. If the Gamergate model holds true (and I think that it does) then right now CNN and its media allies are preparing a counter offensive very similar to the notorious “Gamers are Dead” articles seen around Aug 29-31st 2014; roughly a week and a half into what would later become known as Gamergate. I wasn’t actively involved at that point but I was watching events unfold.

In hindsight those articles were a huge mistake by the game journalists. They were easily identified as a coordinated attack, they hardened the resolve of gamers already involved in #GamerGate and they pissed off a great number of people who up until that point were simply sitting on the sidelines.

So why should we expect CNN to make the exact same mistake?

Because despite being more professional and more experienced than the gamejournopros the key mid-level people at CNN have the exact same mindset, same political beliefs and most importantly operate in the same social media bubble. Sure we’re dealing with High Gamma Males rather than Low Gammas but that just means that the Delusion Bubbles are even stronger.

The Great Double Down is practically assured. So what form will it take? We’ll just have to wait and find out. It’ll probably take a few weeks (probably a month IMO) until we see the first signs of the great media offensive. That should give everybody plenty of time to stock up on popcorn because this whole CNN MemeWar thing is going to be funny as fuck. People have been predicting #MediaGate for about five years now… it would be a shame to disappoint them.


July 8th Darkstream on #CNNisKill / #MediaGate [37 min]

Vox Day discusses the lessons of Gamergate and how to apply them to the current situation. He also waxes meta-physical about the nature of meme magick.


July 9th Darkstream

Vox Day on The Memewars and introducing the daily meme emailing list [22mins]

“The whole idea of memes is to spread them.”

“Memes reach normies.”


A sample of the wares.



The daily meme list in question.



Milo covering the subject of the meme in question. One of the most blatant lies in recent memory



Seattle4Truth of The Ralph Retort covers CNN celebrating info theft and public harassment.



Breitbart on how CNNBlackmail is the best thing ever. Pride comes before the fall and the MSM is nothing if not full of pride.



and in breaking news CNN may have hired an Al-Qaeda supporter to do it’s Syria documentary.




A pair of StyxhexenHammer666 Videos covering recent events.

Styx video one [15min]



Very curious about the airport thing. Just how annoying is this to people how are travelling?

Styx video two [13min]

A key thought here is that it’s the mainstream media that has encouraged social media bullying and hate mob behavior. Since one of the key aspects of Alt-Right thought is that you play by the rules the enemy has set well… I’m not really going to bat an eye about anything 8chan /pol/ does at his point.

Older videos that I missed. Both fairly short and good summaries of the CNNBlackmail happening.

CNN fucked with the wrong part of the internet. [5min]

Computing Forever’s take [7 min] Might even be normie friendly. Err… use your judgement on that.


Meanwhile in damage control.

and some these reviews were absolutely hilarious.

typicalcnnapreviewYour typical media supporter.


— Wolfman Out—

Meme hard my friends. Unleash the magick


Day Five of the CNN 4chan War

Day Three of the CNN 4chan War

So keep in mind that when you’re reading books, playing games or pirating video instead of watching it on TV or at the theatre, you are helping bring down the media enemy.”Vox Day

Day Three of the CNN 4chan War: Autism never sleeps

The battlelines are slowing and the fog of war is making everything hazy. Although in a memewar the fog of war doesn’t come from gunpowder and smells suspiciously like an art teacher’s office. Some confusion and wandering around in a daze is expected. The initial outrage from the CNN Blackmail scandal defiling the High Holy Day of the Fourth of July is starting to fade and people are shifting into a longwar mindset. The internet never forgets and the MSM never learns so expect this thing to last a very, very long time.

Let’s open with some mood music.

Yes this is the same song that inspired For Death or Glory


Styxhexenhammer666 does a bomb damage assessment. [11 mins]

Not looking good for the Legacy Media.



As predicted double downs are occurring. High Gamma midwits just can’t help themselves. They’re smart enough to know to stop talking but their ego and narcissism just won’t let them.


Also keep playing the Jew card like it’s 2009 that’ll go over real well with the hip cool young folks.


Katie McHugh of Gotnews on CNNisKill


Trump drives his proud enemies into madness with mockery.”


\pol\ never sleeps.

The Zman’s first errr… Z-cast


The section from 10min-22min is relevant here. He starts talking about yellow journalism at the ten minute mark and goes into Trump vs CNN at about the fifteen minute mark.


Quick overview of the attack on the CNN app.



and AGAIN!!! Why can they not stop lying?

Again note the double down to go along with the lying… and the projection for the triple play.



Again exact same principle as Gamergate but 10x the scale and three times the autism. This is going to FUN. #MediaGate has been predicted for a long time coming.


CNN News Hack shows why /pol/ considers this a war for survival.


A second link to the same story.



The Men of the West goes over the timeline of how this whole thing started as so far as we know it.


In medieval times weren’t people with autism politely referred to a ‘touched by God?’ Just a thought. Our ancient brethren were burnt at the stake as witches or locked into monasteries for a reason.


CNN’s ratings are absolutely tanking,


Home Garden Network? Is that even a thing?


More fakenews. More fakeness, more twitter, no surprises.


Man wins the internet; it’s not someone who you would have expected.


The mainstream media is cheating the rating system. This is some junior high level bullshit here.



Anyway it looks like things are starting to calm down for the moment so expect this frustrated writer’s blog to return our regular scheduled programing… at least until major news breaks.

—Wolfman out—


Day Three of the CNN 4chan War

Day Two of the CNN 4chan War

I understand when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But a year ago if you would have told me some autistic kids at 4 Chan and a few memes would help defeat Hillary and destroy the media, I would have ignored you while I loaded magazines.” @Wolverines on Gab

Day Two of the CNN 4chan War: Charging the lasers and waiting for the double downs.

Quick review for our new friends.


Now it’s important to remember that while CNN’s top management are NOT SJWs many of the low level peons and SEVERAL OF THE KEY MID-LEVEL FIGURES are. So yes they are going to double down somehow. CNN’s middle management is going to make things even worse and their top level management are going to be too slow and out of touch to stop the SJWs inside the company, it’s simply a matter of getting your popcorn ready and waiting for it.

Fun times for everybody.

Let’s open with the big picture. Lot of money at stake here. Would be a real shame is anything happened to it.


Meanwhile the progress bar ticks to 1%


Sen. Ted Cruz is apparently looking into whether or not CNN broke the law here.

This makes the whole situation a great deal more serious as Sen. Cruz is a well respected legal scholar and would not be making this sort of statement lightly.



The Will of the God-Emperor causes His enemies to do his bidding even when He is out of the country. Remember this is all happening because middle management at CNN got so butthurt at President Trump that they declared war on the internet.


As usual, I was too kind. CNN will not have to be sued out of existence, as Gawker Media, another disgusting purveyor of malicious gossip and fake news, was a year or so back. No, CNN seems to be performing a species of hara-kiri or seppuku in public.”


Jack Posobiec on CNN doubling down. [17min]


Infowars reporters confronts professional shitweasel Chris Cuomo. Hilarity ensues.



More CNNFail. Note the Projection.



Mike Cernovich on how public shaming and twitter mining isn’t working anymore. [18min]

Interesting that Mike had a preexisting beef with the Kfile crowd. He talks a lot about how the culture has shifted. Worth a listen to even if you find his repetitive speaking style annoying.


CNN Staff reeling after personal info leaked. A tiny violin is heard playing in the distance.


4chan \pol\ and the even crazier spergzerkers at 8chan \pol\ consider this a war for survival. Mercy is for civilized times. The entire CNN organization is considered a legitimate target.


The kids are gonna be okay… but man do they hate Jews for some reason.


Generation Zyklon is going to happen. The best part is that frantic insanity of the Far Left is what’s making it happen. Remember fam social engineering is always a bad idea. Human beings are not rocks; they resist the forces acting upon them… and there will always be a backlash even if that backlash isn’t seen for a generation or three.


The Russian foreign ministry demands that CNN “man up” and apologize for the Aleppo Boy hoax.



and in more Based Russian News… Russian counterintelligence agents raided a CNN office in Moscow.


As anyone who’s read a Tom Clancy novel knows, one of the best covers an intelligence agent can have is to be a journalist. Every spy knows this and every reporter knows this. Keeping the two professions separate is difficult even when you are actively trying to do so. CNN? CIA? Can you tell them apart?


Is CNN digging it’s own grave? [7min]

Spoiler: The answer is yes. Oh my God yes! I can’t even!


—Wolfman Out—

Wolfperson Media reserves the right to “awoo” at any time.

Day Two of the CNN 4chan War

Evening One of the CNN 4chan War

The night of a thousand shitposts.

Harambe calls for peace but Pepe demands blood.


The best of #CNNBlackmail memes [4:20]



Wow! Did this thing EXPLODE. Absolutely everyone from Sargon of Akkad to Jon Del Arroz (who wrote one of the better essay length responses IMO) is just piling the FUCK ON and pounding CNN as hard and as often as they can. Everyone is memeing! Everyone! And it’s all just so damn FUNNY. It’s like early days of GamerGate all over again but 10x the scale and with no end in sight. Truly this is the best timeline ever.

That said let’s begin:

Gotnews declares that they will support Accused Thought Criminal HanAssholeSolo.



USSANews sums up how CNN were smugly celebrating. They actually think that they have won. Truly they have no idea what they have unleashed.



Michael F, Martin gives a fairly serious political analysis of CNN’s massive fail.


“Perhaps CNN is just suicidal at this point.”


Deleted tweets? What deleted tweets?



Buzzfeed makes the claim that Citation Needed News outed the wrong guy.

There does seem to be more and more evidence that this is the case.

Of course this only increases the CNNFail.



Razorfist on #CNNBlackmail [9min]

The man just has a way with words. Also he makes an excellent point about how the Left’s habit of blockbotting everyone slightly to the left of Joseph Stalin does tend to limit their ability to know what is happening in the rest of the social media sphere.


Indie SF author Jon Del Arroz gives a well written and emotional essay length takedown of the bullying MSM.


The fact that so many average people feel as if they were targeted, and therefore involved, is where CNN miscalculated badly, and could spell the crumbling of the mainstream media’s remaining influence.”


Vox Day: CNN is Kill [20min]

The Supreme Dark Lord speaks to his loyal minions about the great topic of the day.


Raging Golden Eagle (who is an anime-reviewing MGTOW shitlord) gives his take. [6min]


Another post on Chris Cuomo’s deleted tweet. This time from Zerohedge asking whether or not he broke any laws while doing so.



The Trump vs Fake News CNN meme contests are starting.

I think Infowars is also running one. Either way he shitposting will continue until morale improves.



Fake News… Fake Twitter followers. Makes sense to me.



Jimfear138 breaks down what the real issue of #CNNBlackmail is.



The Didact gives his take. With many joyous memes to spread and enjoy; including the lead video for this article.



and to no one’s surprise…



—Wolfman Out—

May you dream of a time when anime is real.


Evening One of the CNN 4chan War