The QAnon One Year Shift Theory

Feeling a little freaked out lately and I just want to put this out there.

An awful lot of signs are pointing to a major showdown between Trump and the corrupt elements within the US government on or around Jan 19th-21st.

Some people are highlighting that we are rapidly approaching the 30 days mark of the government shutdown, where Trump can begin to layoff certain workers.

Dave of the X22 Report on this. [23mins]


Other people have pointed out that Jan 19th is national popcorn day.

Still other people are highlighting what I’m calling for the lack of a better term “The One Year Qanon timeshift theory” which holds that some Q posts from 2018 are in fact referencing events that were planned or predicted to take place one year after the original post.

And it is very noteworthy that a LOT of Q posts during the second half of January and early February foreshadow MAJOR events. Also Qanon was very active during this time.


This was posted on Jan 18th 2018


and this executive order was linked to on Jan 26th 2018


and doesn’t Trump have a State of the Union address on the 29th?







Update: Just spotted this on Gab


Maybe it’s legit? Maybe the anons are trying too hard. I don’t know.

The QAnon One Year Shift Theory

Just Counting Down.

Just counting down the minutes to Trumpenreich Tuesday.

Oh Thank you Baby Jesus the salt is going to be glorious.


The Blue Wave is very likely going to fizzle into at most a status quo draw.

On the flip side an all out Red Tsunami is actually possible and even in a draw a number of swamp creatures are going to lose their seats.


Honestly the only real question is how will God-Emperor Trump handle the border situation? Will his loyal legions be able to separate the Bad Hombres from the Human Shields and the other non-combatants? Will lethal force actually be used?

I have faith that Trump does have some sort of plan here to prevent a bloodbath.


Anyway tomorrow night should be a blast to watch as the NPCs get their programming jolted enough to make soy leak from their ears.

and after Trumpenreich Tuesday comes #Winning Wednesday as the horrible reality that they cannot get rid of Orange Bad Man slowly sets in.



and for all we know the Winning won’t stop there either


All those extra guards and facility upgrades were needed for something.


This message has been brought to you by…


Just Counting Down.

“Defensive Wall”


Now that is some clever word play.

and people are just now digging into this spending bill.

Little bombs buried here and there.

The Swamp may have just funded its own draining.


Let the hunt begin.


Update: May have jumped the gun on the wall thing. I can’t even find where the discussion was taking place. People are still reading this thing. Sessions just got one hell of a war chest including a lot of money earmarked for witness protection.

Update two: Some mention of military construction on Page 1065, vaguely worded but no mention of a wall. Could see how the anon in question might have jumped to that conclusion… no smoking gun.

Update Three: A very crazy Q theory… which is completely believable at this point.


“Defensive Wall”

Interesting Day

Well it’s hard to tell what counts as ‘a major event’ when so much is happening but it sure looks like Jan 4th has lived up to the hype.


Informed Texas Voter goes over some recent events. [12mins]

-The Clinton fire

-The DOJ reopening the Clinton Email server investigation.

-Julian Assange being released.

-and a few other things.


also it looks like somebody had a very bad day. [2 mins]

A man being arrested in broad daylight (very close to Washington DC) by what appears to be military or private security contractors. Definitely something to take note of.


Notice the bullet holes in th4e windshield. This man did not go quietly.


Probably just some mid-level actor whose name we’ll never hear. However this is very clearly not an ordinary traffic stop or business as usual.

Interesting Day

Predict Early, Predict Often

Ok heavy tinfoil here.
but if Roy Potter is right about his reading of a certain Q post we’ll see major events on the 4th, the 10th and the 20th.

also 9800+ sealed indictments at least count.
They needed extra guards at Gitmo for SOME reason.

The 20th sounds about right for the timing of releasing the sealed indictment (and matched what Whitehouse anon was saying.)

The other two events… well your guess is as good as mine. A military raid too large to keep completely covert might be in the works… but I’m just some kook on the internet.

Fun times ahead.
Drain the Swamp. Cleanse with fire. Repeat if necessary.


Predict Early, Predict Often

Heads Up People

Just wanted to make quick post tonight but the stormwatchers are officially in OH SHIT mode.

Ask yourself what other implications an act like this might have going forward?

Spicer responded, “I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant” and offered no other explanation. This unexpected response spawned additional media attention and criticism for its cryptic meaning, with commentators unsure if Spicer was joking or not.


Oh and about that Alabama election; even on the surface it seems like a Pyrrhic victory for the Democrats since they expended enormous resources and efforts in order to win a single senate seat. In a move that… is going to have very strange repercussions for the future the Alt-Left starting calling Roy Moore a pedophile since apparently calling people ‘racist’ no longer works in [CURRENT-EST YEAR EVER]

The Democratic Machine and the Cuckservatives also had to resort to obvious and detectable election fraud in order to beat a surprisingly strong popular vote.

Which brings us to the latest Q theory.



Food for thought if nothing else. Q is just reliable enough that we can’t ignore him. (Or them as Roy Potter is probably right about Q being a team of people.)


and while I’m thinking about it. Let’s remember those voting machines…

[UPDATE: This image and the email in question is probably fake but I’ll have to look into it tomorrow.]


Not suspicious at all.

—Wolfman Out—

I’ve always had a soft spot for Alabama… could never really explain why.

Heads Up People