Rocket Boy and Nuclear Chicken

Well it looks like I was wrong about my prediction that Trump was going to make a major move on Dec 7th, using the Pearl Harbor anniversary to send a symbolic message. Well at least I got a laugh out of it.

Remember predict early. Predict often.

Anyway things to seem to be heating up in East Asia as there is a major wargame taking place in Korea with a large number of American servicemen taking part.

The God-Emperor and Rocket Boy are in effect playing a game of nuclear chicken. However a very nasty thought occurred to me today. North Korea has no Second Strike Capability. This means that a First Strike by US forces is not entirely out of the question.

Oh and China wants to get rid of Rocket Boy too. So it becomes a race between the God-Emperor laying waste to North Korea and China organizing a coup to replace Rocket Boy. A combination of those two is also a possibility.

I think the actual risk of a war is quite low but we are playing for very high stakes here. North Korea wouldn’t last very long without Chinese support. They might still be able to do a lot of damage in that time but everyone is running out of patience. Rocket Boy will soon be forced to choose between a golden parachute or a free helicopter ride.

Sliver or lead? I think it’s fairly obvious which choice he’ll make.

Atomic Weapons Effects: USAF Instructional film from 1959 [14 mins]

Posting this for educational or PulpRev purposes only.

—Wolfman Out—

Rocket Boy and Nuclear Chicken

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