I Might Be Trying To Tell The Wrong Story

“The situation in The Capital does seem to be calming down but that’s likely just a peace of exhaustion.” The Commander answered. “Thankfully the Regency Council has pushed through enough reforms to strip the Black December Movement of its moderate support. So the danger of a full scale popular uprising is beginning to fade.”

General Young hesitated he had mixed feelings about the unrest back on the homeworld. Despite his lofty rank the general never forgot his middle class background and it was very difficult for him not to feel sympathy for the rebels. However he was of course smart enough to keep his mouth shut on such matters. Besides the last thing Breyland needed was a protracted civil war on the Homeworld.

“Well that’s a relief. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to put down an insurrection back on the Homeworld.” Colonel Tillerman exclaimed.

“I can.” Young said with gritted teeth. “Even assuming the Planetary Army sides with the Government there’s simply no way to hold the planet against the armed populace, should the middle class revolt en masse… and the General Staff knows it.”

The Gendarme Colonel blinked. “Then what? What would our options be? We’d still hold the orbitals but bombardment would be out of the question.”

“In that case. My dear Colonel, we either flood the streets with the blood of two billion black conscripts and whatever loyal white troops we can find or we surrender and join the New Republic whatever form it might take.” The General muttered very bitterly. “If we lose the Homeworld, we lose period.”

Tillerman seemed shocked that the General would speak so bluntly but had no choice but to nod in agreement. He was just as trained in fourth generation warfare as the General and probably had more practical experience. Just thinking about trying to fight such a campaign terrified him and rightly so.

Commander Lynch stood there with a rather forced grin on her face. “Thankfully gentlemen that scenario will not be coming to pass. I repeat the unrest and disorder is beginning to die down.”

“Amen to that,” Young grunted and a great deal of tension left the room. “Our doom is not assured for God has granted us a reprieve.”

“Assuming the politicians can take advantage of whatever brief chance fortune has given them.” Tillerson added. “And the succession? Surely there’s been some decision?”

I Might Be Trying To Tell The Wrong Story

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