Change of Plans

Okay I hate to do this but I going to be taking a social media holiday for at least a week. Yes I’ve said this before… and a time before that but this time I mean it.

Three reasons:

1:) I need to take a break from my normal routine

2:) I do have a few family issues I need to deal with. Nothing urgent but I do need to keep an eye on a few things.

3:) This isn’t much of a writer’s blog if I don’t do any writing.

This of course means that any sort of memewar article is completely dead at least for a week or two (I’ll go ahead and dump what I have)

Anyway I’ll get back to you in a week or two hopefully with some good news.

in the meantime…

Sort of #Pulprev I suppose.





Quick explain this to someone from 2009.


This is priceless.


Change of Plans

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