Sorry For the Dead Air, Folks.

Quick update

So I didn’t get the day off I was expecting and that’s going to to throw everything into a tizzy. I got a much stronger response to that last meme war post than I was expecting so I am planning another one even if the CNNBlackmail scandal is starting to die down. Probably go to a weekly summary format of some sort. We can probably count on the media to keep doing stupid shit, well into the future. So there should always be something to talk about.

For example there was a bit of a covfefe recently with that new MTV reality TV show but it turns out that it’s just hot air.

This gentleman sums things up nicely.

There’s a few other posts I’m working on or considering including at least two more Breyland worldbuilding posts (they do help me organize my thoughts.) So we’ll see what happens with those, I think you’ll enjoy one in particular.

Planning to post the next memewar summary friday night or saturday afternoon. The other posts will depend on what happens this weekend.

Peace, love and anime tiddies.

—Wolfman Out—


Sorry For the Dead Air, Folks.

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