Day Five of the CNN 4chan War

CNN is not going to be smart enough to stop fighting back.” —Vox Day from the July 8th #Darkstream

Every war has its special weapon, by which is meant the one which came to notice in that war alone, and which every combatant had to have in his armoury in order to compete with his adversaries. In the American Civil War it was the breech loading rifle in its many complicated forms. In the First World War it was the aeroplane, the submarine, and the machine gun. The Second World War saw the birth of several weapons, not least being the atomic bomb which obviously outstrips all others in importance, but in the more mundane field of infantry fighting the greatest radical introduction was the sub-machine gun.” — From Infantry Weapons by John Weeks (1971)


Welcome to the Great Meme War.

The ride truly never ends. On the surface things seems to be calming down but in reality the troops on both sides are just entrenching and preparing for the great struggle ahead. If the Gamergate model holds true (and I think that it does) then right now CNN and its media allies are preparing a counter offensive very similar to the notorious “Gamers are Dead” articles seen around Aug 29-31st 2014; roughly a week and a half into what would later become known as Gamergate. I wasn’t actively involved at that point but I was watching events unfold.

In hindsight those articles were a huge mistake by the game journalists. They were easily identified as a coordinated attack, they hardened the resolve of gamers already involved in #GamerGate and they pissed off a great number of people who up until that point were simply sitting on the sidelines.

So why should we expect CNN to make the exact same mistake?

Because despite being more professional and more experienced than the gamejournopros the key mid-level people at CNN have the exact same mindset, same political beliefs and most importantly operate in the same social media bubble. Sure we’re dealing with High Gamma Males rather than Low Gammas but that just means that the Delusion Bubbles are even stronger.

The Great Double Down is practically assured. So what form will it take? We’ll just have to wait and find out. It’ll probably take a few weeks (probably a month IMO) until we see the first signs of the great media offensive. That should give everybody plenty of time to stock up on popcorn because this whole CNN MemeWar thing is going to be funny as fuck. People have been predicting #MediaGate for about five years now… it would be a shame to disappoint them.


July 8th Darkstream on #CNNisKill / #MediaGate [37 min]

Vox Day discusses the lessons of Gamergate and how to apply them to the current situation. He also waxes meta-physical about the nature of meme magick.


July 9th Darkstream

Vox Day on The Memewars and introducing the daily meme emailing list [22mins]

“The whole idea of memes is to spread them.”

“Memes reach normies.”


A sample of the wares.



The daily meme list in question.


Milo covering the subject of the meme in question. One of the most blatant lies in recent memory


Seattle4Truth of The Ralph Retort covers CNN celebrating info theft and public harassment.


Breitbart on how CNNBlackmail is the best thing ever. Pride comes before the fall and the MSM is nothing if not full of pride.


and in breaking news CNN may have hired an Al-Qaeda supporter to do it’s Syria documentary.



A pair of StyxhexenHammer666 Videos covering recent events.

Styx video one [15min]



Very curious about the airport thing. Just how annoying is this to people how are travelling?

Styx video two [13min]

A key thought here is that it’s the mainstream media that has encouraged social media bullying and hate mob behavior. Since one of the key aspects of Alt-Right thought is that you play by the rules the enemy has set well… I’m not really going to bat an eye about anything 8chan /pol/ does at his point.

Older videos that I missed. Both fairly short and good summaries of the CNNBlackmail happening.

CNN fucked with the wrong part of the internet. [5min]

Computing Forever’s take [7 min] Might even be normie friendly. Err… use your judgement on that.


Meanwhile in damage control.

and some these reviews were absolutely hilarious.

typicalcnnapreviewYour typical media supporter.


— Wolfman Out—

Meme hard my friends. Unleash the magick


Day Five of the CNN 4chan War

One thought on “Day Five of the CNN 4chan War

  1. Anti-Gnostic says:

    Memes are observably impotent. They SEEM to have an impact, but in reality, they are just shallow words. But carry on if you are compelled to feel the urge to spout off. Cheers!


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