Taking It Easy Tonight

Okay I really do need to step back a little from politics for a bit. While I don’t think I’ve said anything incorrect I’m finding myself slipping back more and more into Internet Tough Guy Syndrome and that’s no good for anybody. While I like to think that I’m self aware enough to avoid a major spergout, experience says that it’s best not to get too emotionally involved with anything that happens on the internet.

Certain current events have indeed pissed me off. I suppose that means I’m still human. Still I really do need to learn to keep a balanced keel and get my priorities in somewhat of an order.

So if you don’t hear from me for a bit I’m just trying to get my blood pressure down to somewhat normal levels.

In the meantime here’s some music to defend your homeland to.


Celtic Metal – Fable


Celtic Music — Wolf Blood

Sorry I couldn’t resist. Still a really fun track. Definitely strikes a mood.


The King of The Highlands by Antti Martikainen.

Check out the man’s channel if you get the chance. Nothing but pure awesome.


Battle For Camelot

It’s stupid, it’s cheesy. It makes you want to kickbox a cyborg.


Germanic War Drums

Haunting and beautiful. It lures you into a hypnotic trance… and then you hear a sweet seductive voice that whispers… lebensraum.

Taking It Easy Tonight

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