For Death or Glory

A wounded nation wakes at last.

As one by one we see our task.

We will not go quietly into the night.

By blood and fire we shall fight.


Battered men with wounds and scars.

We still remember who we are.

An age of darkness, a time of fear

Just one more trial we must endure.


The shattered plow reforged a blade

They shall learn to fear the foe they made.

With youthful blood and ancient lore

Play once again the tunes of war.


We found our strength, our long lost pride.

We must seize this chance to turn the tide

The barbarian boot upon our throats

Must be removed with one shift stroke.


The hammer beats upon the forge

We will rid our nation of this scourge.

Unite as brothers and face our foe.

You’ve longed for this battle in your soul.


The skies are dark, the hour late.

But now the Saxon starts to hate.

Do we hear the Siren’s call?

We might just have to kill them all.


It seems there’s one more verse to our song

As the ghosts of heroes urge us on.

A nation mocked, a people scorned

Rise together, become the storm.


For Death or Glory! Until the end!

One last chance to make amends.

And if this be our final stand,

then with no regrets we die like men.

For Death or Glory

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