Respect My Culture

Because I haven’t been posting a lot of content lately here’s a meme/image dump post to make up for it. One of the side effects of being a space opera fan is that I spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to wrap my head around various cultures real and fictional. So since I do tend to save the occasional meme I figured it was worth the time to go and dig through a few of them.

We start of course with this classic Paul Joseph Watson video.



Yes, Columbus was an massive asshole (even by the standards of his day) but that’s no reason to ignore just how brutal and savage many of the native tribes were.


Mostly true; but to be absolutely sure you’d better eat three strips of bacon.


I’m actually running into the occasional problem reworking my Space Opera timeline because of this sort of thing.


Remember you’re not a real cowboy unless you’re hanging out with drunken Indians.


Kebab are happy cheerful people.


Why drone operators have such high rates of PTSD? The answer will surprise you.


A surprisingly functional household all things considered.


I’ve seen better versions of this meme but this is the only one I bothered to save.


A more and more reasonable response these days.


Canada mostly has non-edible animals on our money… and a boat.


For the future Alt-West woman in your life.


Rare Scottish Medieval tapestry depicting the invention of the kilt. 


Here’s a good response when some twatbar tells you Islam is good for diversity.


The exact moment Bob and Debra begin to suspect that cultural relativism was indeed a flawed concept after all.


Sven and Olaf really have no idea why this keeps happening, it just does. Good thing they were nearby to help out.


Just make sure you got a wingman. This bunch looks like trouble.


I seriously can’t remember where this is from… wait wasn’t there a movie like this?


Chief Booga presents his best arguments for anarcho-capitalism. A representative of the Bank of England politely disagrees.

Respect My Culture

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