Biting Into the Network


I haven’t spoken much about Pizzagate despite the fact I have been following the scandal. Quite frankly anything dealing with this particular topic is quite painful for me to deal with and I’ve only done surface level research myself. I can only imagine the effect this whole thing is having on the primary researchers.

But the important thing is that arrests ARE happening. A great deal more arrests than I had been aware of. Right now Grand Inquisitor Jeff Sessions and the Fists of Righteous Fury are slowly attacking the International PedoNetwork from the bottom. That’s something and it may lead to further draining of the swamp.

PizzaGate is real. The question is how real? and how deep into the Network can the loyal servants of the God-Emperor strike? Can they bring the entire thing down? Will the blood of the innocent be avenged? Only time will tell.


Follow the money you fucknuggets! FOLLOW THE GODDAMNED MONEY!!!


Biting Into the Network

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