In the End There Was No Contest

It’s official everybody favorite Sino-Saudi Puppet Prime Minister has walked away with coveted 2016 Mangina of the Year Award beating out the second place contender Bernie Sanders by an impressive margin.

I mean was anyone really surprised by this?


Fake Justin Trudeau quotes never get old.


People ask if Trudeau is gay why isn’t he openly gay? Well one day he might have to flee to a Muslim country to avoid prosecution for corruption or treason. So it’s important to keep his options open.


This apparently what they call Trudeau in China. I believe Stephen Harper was Great Rutabaga but don’t quote me on that.


Yes for some reason Trudeau is very popular among Pakistani trunk drivers.


Oddly this explains everything.

Anyway there is one good thing about having Trudeau as prime minster. The increasingly SJW converged Liberal Party is going to be stuck with a lame duck leader going into the next election.

In the End There Was No Contest

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