God Bless Rebel Media

Any answers? Nope. But it seems we keep finding new questions.

Pay especially close attention to Alexandre Bissonnette’s body language in the youtube video that was shown. Everything points to Low Gamma or Omega status and probably the latter*. This is not a man of action, this is a man in pain. This is also a man who was also left leaning (if not a semi-Marxist) and virtue signalling very hard at least a few years ago. Funny how this all fits into the pattern we keep seeing with these mass shooters.

Again no answers just more questions.

For example why would a “Trump supporter” launch what was basically a suicidal attack during the middle of the Trumpzkrieg? The glorious days when the winning never stops? Why was his last social media message on Jan 20th the day of The Ascension to The Cherry Blossom Throne?

The low IQ rhetoric of Alt-Retard is very easy for outsiders to imitate. This makes the swastika panty group very vulnerable to infiltration. After all any idiot can send a picture of an oven to a Jewish journalist and then gloat about it to get more social media followers.

Now does that matter in this case? Maybe? But if more of these false flags are planned it’s probably not a good idea to give the Enemy any more ammunition. LARPing for Hitler might be really funny for a week or two but now that the tides of history has changed it’s time to take off the jackboots and get some shit done.

Fear? panic? despair? After all things look hopeless in Canada don’t they?

No dipshit! We simply have not yet begun to win.

By my estimation Canada is a full election cycle (maybe two) behind the rest of The West. We have another two and half years of Whiteface Obama and then things get interesting.

So it’s time to Stop Whining and Start Winning.

How? Well one the keys to the God-Emperor’s victory was the existence of an alternative media. Canada however has very little to chose from at this point. This is unacceptable and efforts will need to be made to rectify this situation. That’s for the future in the meantime Rebel Media does exist and flawed as they are getting real work done. Support them if you can. There will be other alt-media in the future. Support them when you can find them.

The challenges facing the Restored Canadian Right are enormous but they does not mean they are insurmountable.

Wolfman out

May the God-Emperor watch over you all.


* Honestly his body language reminds me a co-worker I really to sit down and have a beer with. Dude might need a shoulder to cry on.


God Bless Rebel Media

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