Waiting for the Smoke to Clear

Not the best cover image but I was in a bit of a rush to post this and I didn’t want the bachibaazi meme to be the image in the thumbnail.

These are not happy times up here in The Great Barren Wasteland. While I would like to take time to honor and mourn the dead it doesn’t seem that the media will give me that luxury.

Everything about the recent Quebec city attack seems suspicious and timing alone has me reaching for the tinfoil. So one day after our Bachi Baazi Dancing Puppet Prime Minister makes great virtue signalling gestures about refugees and opposing The God-Emperor’s Will some random Alt-Retard troll launches an attack on a Muslim mosque and guns down  twenty people? Yeah I find that a little hard to believe. So tinfoil in hand let’s check in with Infowars maybe they have a story that makes coherent sense?

The time here is from 8:45 to about 17:20. Listen to that version of events closely and remember that all the early reports had two (or three) suspects one with a Quebecois accent and the other an Arab possibly of Moroccan origin. There’s a lot to be skeptical about here. The important thing right now is that we get Mr. Alexandre Bissonnette to TALK.

What’s that?  You don’t like Alex Jones and think I’m a fucking crackpot for even bringing Infowars up? Well don’t worry because the Rebel Media is on the scene and they’ll be looking for answers (because there sure the fuck are a lot of questions remaining.)

Yeah keep an eye on this story, because either way there’ll be plenty to talk about.



Sidenote: To be fair Bachi Baazi seems to be an Pashtun tribal custom rather than a Muslim thing but the analogy fits and I stand by it.




Waiting for the Smoke to Clear

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