The End of the Beginning

Sorry about the delay with this but I’m actually having trouble collecting my thoughts after the Ascension of the God-Emperor and the start of The Hundred Days of Glorious Terror.


I hope this is true and I have no reason to doubt it. Trump is America’s first METAL president.

And it all started out with a bang… well a loud series of bangs.

Note here HOW QUICKLY Mattis was able to switch gears and organize this series of airstrikes. Clear evidence that Obama was holding back. Clearly the plans already existed and just needed a Commander in Chief with a single working testicle to give the go signal.

The Russian airforce added in their two cents and it is completely possible that a joint offensive could be launched in the next few days, now that overthrowing the Assad regime (in favor of what is never explained) is not a tenet of US foreign policy.

But the best part were the reports that at US military bases portraits of Obama were being taken down and replaced with Trump memes.



Kek speaks to us in mysterious ways.


And yes The Wall is coming. Just heard the news as I type this.


Just as it was foretold.


Which brings us to calm reasonable response of tolerant left.


The most important word in the English language. Use it well. Use it often. Use it when you have nothing else to say.


The Communist Armies of the 21st Century. Marshal Zhukov is not impressed.


Oh Look the Re-elect Trump 2020 ads are out.

Let’s be fair though ISIS does have better taste in music. Very interesting that they go after Alex Jones so hard and try to claim that a victory. It’s almost like the organizers are being paid by people who hate Infowars or something.


Oh daily reminder the Crazy Uncle Pol is already right and that Pol will always win in the end.


Finally I’ll end with this. Which really got me right in the feels. He claims to have a cold but I still pictured him shedding manly tears.

The End of the Beginning

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