My Nemesis! It Has A Name?

Another day, another long fruitless battle in my war against the 2SD communication gap. At least I finally know the name of my enemy and can begin to devise ways to defeat xer.

After all what does it mean to be human? Does it not mean that all obstacles are to be overcome? Is not the first step to over coming an obstacle to recognize that it exists?

I’m increasingly of the persuasion that the single most important skill a human can possess is the ability to talk to an average person. Sadly this is a skill that I’ve never properly developed and that deep in my Gamma arrogance it never occurred to me that I had to learn, much less take responsibility for.

It’s time to change that. It’s time to human up.


God Emperor Trump can breach a 3SD communication gap without even stretching. Learning to handle a mere 2SD gap in comfortable stride should be an achievable goal.

It would certainly make my life a lot easier… and come to think of it make me a hell of lot easier to deal with from the other person’s point of view.

My Nemesis! It Has A Name?

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