Epic Fantasy Dwarf Music

It seems that there is something even dorkier and more awesome than Viking Metal.

I sunk a lot of time into Dwarf Fortress at one point. The late 2d versions and the earliest 3d ones so say three or four years back. In contrast most of my failed fantasy writing has been based on elves or elf-like creatures. So after a great deal of thought I’ve come to a few conclusions.

First while elves require a great deal of flavor to be anything other than pointy-eared tree-hugging faggots… even generic fantasy dwarves are freaking awesome!


Secondly in a strange analogy that is worthy of exploring further it strikes me that (for good or ill) elves are liberals and dwarves are conservatives. While fantasy races are supposed to exaggerate aspects of the human condition it just seems odd to me that you can draw such a clear modern zeitgeist parallel to the most generic of western fantasy races; which became more or less standardised decades ago..

And yes pointed-eared liberals are just as religious as stout, bearded conservatives they just aren’t always as selective or wise about their choice of deity.

Anyway on to the music…

Children of the Smith:

I got almost pathetically excited by this video when it first came out and let me start by pointing out that this may be in effect one of the best videogame commercials ever made. This song takes the form of a religious hymn sung by dwarves in order to steel themselves to face a crisis. Note the standard dwarvey (and conservative) themes. Appeal to family, tradition, brotherhood patriotism and tenacity in the face of the Enemy.

The contrasting blend of classical music and metal doesn’t hurt either.

Diggy Diggy Hole by Yogscast

Yeah I don’t like anything else Yogscast has ever done but no one can deny that this is what being a dwarf is all about. Dwarves are hardcore by definition.

Wooden Pints by Korpikaani

I’ve posted this one before but technically it’s about dwarves so it counts, even if the tale is sung by a filthy surface dweller. If you’re ever feeling down just look at this video made a decade ago and then look at where the band is now.

Over the Misty Mountains.

An absolutely beautiful version, filled with haunting sadness and yet proud determination.


Huh? What that? Still not enough dwarvey goodness for you? Well don’t worry because here’s…



Amazing work and they’re two very productive artists so there’s plenty of content to dig through.

Epic Fantasy Dwarf Music

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