Checking In

Yeah well so much for my ‘social media break.’ I think I made it two and half days before a David Seaman video and #PizzaGate drag me back into online discourse (mostly of words you don’t say in front of your mother.)


You know Timmy in hindsight this DOES look a little suspicious.

There’s not really that much I can say on the subject other than yes PizzaGate is real. The details are still very fuzzy but of the core of the whole scandal does appear to be very valid. Worse of all it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Everyone knows there is corruption and perversion in the world and that the two go hand in hand but how does it all go? A great deal further than we even suspected it seems.



Which brings us this very creepy screenshot which answers the question “how would a child pornography ring operate?” It seems the answer is exact what 4chan has been saying all this time.


But enough about that. I’m pretty damn angry about PizzaGate (I guess that proves I do have  soul after all) but it’s not really something I can be focusing on. Besides nothing of note will be actually be done until Trump takes office and declares open season on all the gators in the Swamp. A month ago I was joking about The Great Pedo Hunt of 2017… now it looks like it might actually happen.

Anyway I think the point of this ramble is that I’ve been focusing too much on negative things and I really do need to get out of my deep blue funk, cheer the fuck up and get a few things done.


So in a complete change of topic here’s something I wrote on a whim a couple nights ago.

There was a thin nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere on Manchukuo but it wasn’t enough to support human life. Well you’d last five or six minutes (they’d done tests with convicts at one point.) A class two envirosuit however could pull enough oxygen out of that atmosphere just fast enough to keep you going as long as the wearer wasn’t doing anything strenuous at least until the batteries wore out. The problem of course was that pretty much the only reason anybody when outside on this planet was to do construction work. This meant that there had to be somebody watching the battery power and oxygen reserves of every single worker on the crew since the automated systems that were supposed to the job weren’t completely reliable or trusted by the men. One set of good old fashioned mark one eyeballs watching everybody’s back bought a lot of peace of mind.

“It might be nothing but I think fourteen has sprung a leak,” the female technician announced over the comm circuit.

“It’s nothing Boss, I think I can keep going.” The worker in question replied.

Mike Monsen, cursed under his breath as he pulled up fourteen’s vital signs, at least the atmosphere wasn’t poisonous on this planet. “Dan, get back to the tent and check your seals. Don’t fuck around with shit like this.”

“You sure? My air supply’s fine. If there’s a leak it’s just in the outer suit.”

“Get back to the fucking tent and check your seals!” Monsen bellowed a little more harshly then he intended. “Trust an old space dog on this. If one part of your suit is failing the rest might not be far behind. Do not fuck around with your spacesuits.”

“We need new suits, Boss.” Another worker chimed in.

“Damn it I know,” Mike cursed. With so much emergency construction going on Manchukuo Authority was wearing out it’s supply of class twos and no one was sure when Supply would get a hold of replacements. Soon the way things were going the Governor would have to either halt construction on the planned hydroponic farm complexes or work would have to continue in less capable class one suits. So far Monsen hadn’t lost a worker, even a green conscript but other teams had. In class ones not only would be slowed down by the need to use oxygen tanks but the accident risk would be greatly increased. Class twos provided a margin of safely here that made using mostly pressganged colonists and unemployed merchant sailors at least viable. Using those same unskilled workers without that safety margin would be a disaster.

Pretty meh in my opinion. I’ll probably completely drop the idea but it’s set in the same universe as the novel I’m intending to write.

The idea I had here was to create a set up where the Governor of Manchukuo has a interesting problem in that his government and crony capitalist friends needs a large amount of an oddly specific piece of equipment in order to complete his grandiose ’emergency construction’ plans. In turn this creates an opportunity for a band of rag tag entrepreneurial misfits since the Governor is most happy to pay for said equipment in platinum and doesn’t really care whether or not proper customs laws or trading with the enemy acts are being obeyed in this specific instance. After all a man like him can’t really afford to lose face.

Anyway it was a whim. Maybe I’ll keep going or maybe I’ll actually work on the damned novel I’ve been planning for a year now.


— Wolfman out. Stay frosty Space Cowboys.

Checking In

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