Many Sorrows, Drowning a Few

Okay well as far as I can tell the post election bullshit is starting to die down a little. So I’m going to take a social media break for at least a few days (I’ll try for a week but that’s pushing it.) Not in a good state of mind right now and if I need to blow off a little steam it’s best to do so offline.



Author’s poison of choice. Hey! I never said I was a classy drinker.


Side effects may include; brawling, looting, pillaging, unexpected beard growth and/or running off into the forest to battle monsters with an axe.



Old school #GamerGate memories.

If you’ve read this far don’t worry about me I’ll be fine after the weekend. Besides it’s time to stop talking about writing and actually write.


Also I need to start working out again.

Many Sorrows, Drowning a Few

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