Post Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome

Someday I’m hoping to convert this into just another geek writer blog but sadly today is not that day. The aftermath of the Trumpening has brought forth great tidal waves of salty tears and it would be sin in the eyes of Kek not to rejoice in them as we listen the screeches of feminist disbelief and the lamentations of the cucks.


Lately there has been an incredible outbreak of what I’m calling Post-Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome a new emerging mental disorder that has spread rapidly over social media and rendered most internet communications too funny to be read with a straight face. PTTS is most likely a mutated viral form of the common everyday Twitter PTSD often suffered by internet feminists. Although other theories suggest that the disorder is related to Cyber-Rape Associated Psychosis (CRAP) or even Self Hypnotic Internet Trauma (SHIT.) While feminists appear to be the most vulnerable to Post-Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome any form of Social Justice Warrior or non self-aware Liberal can fall pray to it.


Paul Joseph Watson on the Clinton Riots (Best place to start)



Typical Protestor: Idiot yes; possibly useful?

Short video of some very sad faces (with music)

Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant on Trump’s response to a Saudi Prince.

and yes under the God-Emperor the House of Saud are pretty fucked.

A nice little meltdown complication.

Infowars interview on how the Dems did attempt to rig the election.

They tried but there were just too many deplorables in the basket. This is why it’s probably not too good of an idea for anyone in the Hillary Campaign to question whether of not Trump won the popular vote. The real numbers are going to much more Trump friendly than the current official ones and with so many widespread report of election fraud President Trump might start by draining this part of the swamp first.


Yes Timmy the protests are astroturfed like a motherfucker.


Oh and look the media is staging it’s own protests.

Oops seems that the Clinton News Network should have let Don Lemon in on the script.


The God-Emperor speaks the Truth. Let the heretics tremble.

A CNN international correspondent completely losing her shit.


Speaking of shit. This is modern Leftist political discourse.

The CEO of Grubhub caving into PTTS and demanding that any of his employees who supported Trump resign.

There’s just a slight problem with that.


Two reports on a made up story of a female student being attacked by Trump supporters.

The Daily Caller gloating about how one of their editors struck a massive vein of mine-able salt with but a single offhand tweet. High level shitlording indeed.

This incident supports my theory that Post-Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome is most likely a mutated strain of the more common Twitter PTSD.

Yale students seem to be extra triggered by the Don.

Actually that seems to be a real problem with colleges in general. A ‘cry in?’ Seriously? And you’re going how deep in debt for this?

Glorious Milo has a field mocking cancelled classes and exams.\


Satire: Well I think this is a parody. If I’m wrong Bubba and Jimbo know where to find me. Anything to keep Lena Dunhem away.


Oh look the Green Energy Industry is nervous about President Trump. Can’t imagine why.

Bradford Walker on the swift collapse of Gamers4her. One of the most pathetic shilling attempts in recent internet memory.

Lastly Author/publisher Russell Newquist gives a quick overview of the Democratic party; explains the different groups that support the party and then details how it is beginning to break up. A completely offhand blog post but one I found helpful.


Post Trumpmatic Triggered Syndrome

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