Grand Finale

Okay barring a stolen election, (followed by a decade long slow burn civil war) THIS will be my last post on the 2016 US presidential election. By Kek! What a roller coaster ride. I’m wondering if there’s a limit to how big a democracy can be and remain stable (probably around 50 million people). This was a banana republic election but due to the current Crisis of the West it was banana republic election FOR ALL THE BANANAS!!! No wonder us poor hairless monkeys went completely insane.


I’m still convinced the Trump vote is large enough to overwhelm any Clinton machine attempt to rig the vote. Trump has to have at least 60% of the popular vote Maybe as high as 70% at this point after the Spirit Cooking scandal.


That said this election will indeed be the biggest fuck you moment in human history. The Lion of the West has come. He may not be our saviour but Trump will at least give us a fighting chance and that’s really all the Men of the West were asking for.

Trump stalls the Enemy and gives our lost and broken nations a chance to find ourselves and at least four years to prepare and push back the darkness. The West is in rout no longer. We shall stand! And at the first chance move to the counterattack.

Yes it’s been a strange journey but we’ve only hit the first waypoint.

The Trumpenreich is here!


Send out the clowns and send in the memes.


And then go get your gator hunting boots on because there’s a great big swamp to drain. Gators, leechs and lobbyists oh my!


This song just fits so well right now.

Congratulations to my American readers. The spirit of 1776 lives and the Second Revolution begins. The American Dream now fights the American Nightmare. I’m sure you know which side your Founding Fathers would have picked up their muskets for.

Grand Finale

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