The Mother of All Happenings

More election related scandals and stories. I really should move on with my life but there’s just so much crap to dig through I can’t look away from this trainwreck. The Mother of all Happenings is upon us and all the spergs of the world are being drawn into it like moths to a flame. So yeah let’s be about it.

Hmm… no real surprises here. Note that both Clinton and Trudeau are under investigation for “Pay to Play.”

An eyewitness account about how the voting machines have the manufacturer’s logo obscured.

A month old Anonymous video that makes a great deal more sense in light of current events.

And yes I will remember… and get my popcorn ready.

Infowars giving a complete breakdown on the recent scandal. While the sex ring accusations are absolutely outrageous. Clinton will most likely be going down for money laundering or treason.

A Daily Caller article outlining some of the rank and file revolt going on in the FBI.

In other news the IRS is looking into the Clinton Foundation. Good luck boys. Remember to bring plenty of flame throwers!

This is pretty frightening reddit thread. Linking a convicted child trafficker to the Clintons and their ‘efforts’ in Haiti.

Yeah so all those fake Trump accusers… Got News has done an amazing job of shooting them down one by one.

The Podesta Code: How many pedos are we dealing with here?


Anyway a great number of anons have been doing their best to break this code. So far what they’ve come up with is absolutely damning (and disturbing.)

VERY suspicious email.

I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
ago, assume we are using the same channels?”

Pizza = Girl. Hotdog = Boy. Private party = Orgy. I’ll let you translate from there. They don’t seem to be using any of the clever codewords for children so this looks like a fairly normal (by some standards) prostitution ring being run out of Chicago. Obama has long been rumored to be gay (or at least has an abnormal Lambda sexuality.) He question is how involved is he in this whole trafficking ring? Probably just a paying customer.

That’s another reason I’m concerned about Trudeau’s almost instant bonding with Obama. Men of equal SSH status tend to quickly become friends as they understand each other on a subconscious level. There were also very strong Justin Trudeau gay rumors at one point. So does The Clown Prince of Canada enjoy himself the occasional Chicago-style hotdog? Or worse does the international sex trafficking ring reach up into Canada? So far we’ve (thankfully) seen no evidence but the possibility is not zero.

And I’m not going to sleep too well tonight thinking about it.

Unhappy side thoughts I didn’t want to think about:

PS: I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to a work a legit pedophile into Vox Day’s Social-Sexual Hierarchy is to combine a Lambda abnormal sexuality with a strong Gamma delusion bubble. I think you need both in order to get someone who will commit these sort of acts. However this is really not a train of thought I want to be riding any further along than I have to.

PPS: Trudeau looks like a Low Beta/Lambda hybrid. Low risk of him being a pedophile but an interesting observation. He’s weak but he’s not a straight Gamma. He’s gotten by on his looks for too long though. Probably low initiative, minimal energy and easy to control. A really great puppet I imagine. Straight out of central casting.

The Mother of All Happenings

4 thoughts on “The Mother of All Happenings

  1. 6277Hammer says:

    “Men of equal SSH status tend to quickly become friends as they understand each other on a subconscious level”

    Interesting concept, never really thought about it. Wouldn’t Alphas be an exception?
    Would be interesting to see Rollo, Roosh, Roissy and Vox’ take on this.


  2. 6277Hammer says:

    True. One reason I’m wondering if Alphas are an exception, they are natural leaders and I’d suppose other men ( of various ranks) would want to be their friend – but then again the converse won’t necessarily be true.


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