The Conspiracy Fact Election

Bring the tinfoil Timmy! Like ALL the tinfoil! Cuz we’re gonna need it! This stupid election! Who made Alex Jones the voice of the People?


Well after watching Dr. Piezenik’s more complete explanation of what he means by “Second American Revolution” I’ve calmed down considerably. I’m still of the opinion that Trump has too much of the popular vote for rigging the election to be successful but that doesn’t mean that the Democrat machine might not try it.

Still not sure completely sure how legit this all is. It is however clear that the rank and file, up to at least the mid-level management of the FBI are in full revolt against the Obama regime. As for the NYPD rumors? I’m just going to quote one of the commenters from Vox Populi.

They wouldn’t be the first in history to use children that way as a means to power. Imagine what you could do with pictures of a few hundred politicians and famous people diddling kids. You could probably get promoted far beyond what your training and abilities deserved, and get people to cover for you when you screw up. You could get everyone to ignore the fact that your second-in-command looks like a spy. You could get an entire political party to fix its primary system for you. You could even get prominent members of the other party to torch their own careers by opposing their own nominee and declaring that they’d be happier to see you win.” -Cail Corishev

Yeah think that over and apply a little game theory. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not but something spooked Comey into restarting the investigation.

Truepundit story on the scandal. (Not a site I’m familiar with but this seems to be the article everyone is quoting.)

My understanding is that there are basically three things the Clintons could go down for.

1: The deleted emails and mishandling classified information.

This is the least damaging of the bunch yet at the same time almost 100% guaranteed to be true.

2: Treason, corruption or foreign espionage.

Much more damning but more difficult to prove. Definitely something that would anger the intelligence community however and long suspected by some of the more ‘woke’ internet people.

3: Being involved (or possibly running) an international child sex trafficking and blackmail ring.

This is the motherload. We have to wait to see how true it is but this is the Mother of all Scandals long foretold by the priests of Kek. Hopefully the NYPD actually holds a press conference and clears things up. Well the story might be false… the sad part is that it is completely believable. Going to be a very tense few days.

I used to think that Bill Clinton is a Rapist memes were a little on the mean side but now? I guess I just have to admit that Alex Jones is right a lot more often than people give him credit for. Also to be fair we have better evidence that Bill is a rapist than we do that America landed on the moon.


Now if you’ll excuse me I think I need a drink… maybe two drinks.

One more week…

UPDATE: This looks important and may explain a few things.


The Conspiracy Fact Election

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