Overwhelmed Yet Still Alive

Kek willing this should be my last post on the 2016 US presidential election. Things are moving so fast at this point that I’m beginning to suffer from acute bullshit poisoning. I’ve been meaning to do another post on this for the last few days and I have something like two or three pages of links I meant to comment on but quite frankly I’m all MAGA’ed out.

Just absorbing the magnitude of the last week is straining my limits (and we still have a week to go)

Also in hindsight this tweet is REALLY FUNNY. Never say #NeverTrump. You never know where life will lead you. I spent a whole decade running away from politics… and well shit.

For the record it’s not that I’m pro-Trump it’s just that I’m so anti-Hillary that I keep making friends who wear red hats and own several dozen firearms.

It’s been a long winding, very weird road, this journey.


Will the Future West teach its children about the Legend of Senor Carlos Danger? He whose cock is unblockable. You can run. You can hide. You can delete thousands of emails but the Unwitting Savior of Western Civilization will still find a way to FUCK YOU.


So… Not only does God exist but the Heavens are raining down giant “Fuck You” bombs of Truth and Righteousness down upon the squealing imps of the MSM, the goblins and orcs and even the demonlords of the Democrat Establishment. I will say it’s been a sight to behold.

Trump predicting the #LeakyWeiner Scandal. (in 2015)

So does the God-Emperor have psychic powers? (Or was a friendly FBI team feeding him information?) Who cares! He successfully predicted the Rotten Hillary would be taken down by the Weiner of Doom! And that’s funny as hell.

So anyway here are some of links I till think are worth sharing. (Mostly concerning vote fraud.)


Does Obama need to be investigated over the email scandal?



Texas County switching back to paper ballots over vote rigging concerns.


Second story from the same county


Video of an electronic voting machine switching a vote.


A Vote Fraud scheme in Florida


A second article on the above story.


Democrat lawmaker arrested on voting fraud charges.


This is from Philadelphia: A local ABC station looks into dead people voting. REAL JOURNALISM It’s shockingly rare and should be supported whenever it’s spotted in the wild.


but… hey Zombie Rights man!

Vote fraud investigation in Indiana. So yeah that’s FIVE STATES by my count (and I probably missed a bunch of stories.)


A very interesting 1990 comic that seems to predict the Trump campaign

Electrified Trump Sign:

I’ve heard multiple stories of people booby trapping their Trump signs in order to fend off Hillary’s rent-a-radical sign-stealing desperadoes. This has to be the best one however. Honestly I’m just happy that so far no-one has rigged a claymore mine to their Trump sign. Yet! I know some of you are probably thinking about it

Mainstream Journalists turning into precious little snowflakes over Trump


FBI reopening case and #LeakyWeiner

Stefan Molyneux reacting to the news. (There’s singing)

Fox News on the Email case.


NBC’s take on the case.


An indepth blog post on why Hillary is probably going down this time.


MAGAFeed on the 650,000 emails


Not much of an article but hey you’re going there for the memes.


Julian Assange claiming that the next leak (due tomorrow) will be enough get Clinton arrested.


Clinton Foundation buying illegal arms?


Yeah this doesn’t look good.

Oh Yeah! And if this is real! HOLY SHIT!!! It’s all over but the Inquisition.1477859165630.png




Overwhelmed Yet Still Alive

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