The White Knight’s Anthem

I think I have identified what might as well be the official Anthem of the Internet White Knight.

On one hand this is pretty damn epic song! and it got me good and pumped up today. It also got a bit of creative juices flowing (which probably won’t amount to anything but you never know what the muses have in mind.)

On the other hand this is almost the perfect expression of the White Knight fantasy with our nameless hero appearing out of nowhere at the last moment and fighting to save a damsel from being burnt at the stake. I mean she has to be innocent right? Right? If they wrote a song about it she absolutely has to not be a witch!

Yes if you have been on the internet long enough that behavior will ring all sorts of bells. White knighting is the scourge of the internet and any effort you can make to supress those self-destructive urges helps reduce the cringe factor for everybody else. So please remember any True Aryan maiden worthy enough for you fine fashy gentlemen to be sticking your bratwurst into CAN WIN HER OWN DAMN INTERNET ARGUMENTS and doesn’t need your help. Besides you don’t know she might actually be a witch?

Still epic song.

Although it is a little unclear… did the Champion actually win? The song gets a lot less heroic if he didn’t.

The White Knight’s Anthem

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