Gathering Warbands


The main reason was that Germanic males were naturally attracted to violence and enjoyed fighting. Leaders among them formed warbands and maintained the loyalty of their men by the practice of constant warfare. The commitment to their leader of members of a warband or comitatus was personal: while the chieftain fought for victory, his men fought for him. Reward came in the form of feasts, entertainment and the proceeds of violence.”

From The Hammer and the Cross by Robert Ferguson

So any of that sound familiar to you? A good chunk of the Alt-Right does seem to operate this way. The Evil of Legion of Evil definitely does. Reminds me somewhat of America before the Civil War where a citizen identified with their State first rather than the Union as a whole.

I’m no leader, I’m no hero, hell if anything I’m a cautionary tale but I was on my way to the Holy land anyway so I figured I might as well paint a cross on my armor and pitch in where I can. Besides my new drinking buddies are awesome and I don’t want to let them down.

My embrace of Samuel de Champlain as Canada’s principle founding father and spiritual patriarch is going to lead to a strange form of Civic Nationalism rather than an ironbound acceptance of the sixteen principles proposed by Vox Day. Still I think this is the correct approach to take at least in my own life. Canada basically has no effective right wing political philosophy and since blindly importing foreign ideas just isn’t going to work so I’m stuck here grappling in the dark trying to piece together what a restored Canadian right would look like.

Yes it’s different. It’s almost like people from different nations are not completely the same after all. What a radical concept.

Gathering Warbands

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