A Flicker of Light in the Dark

The other night I had a fairly in-depth discussion with one of my err… “normie” friends. Turns out he was surprisingly more redpilled than I thought. I suppose it’s all some great big cosmic joke; to watch a pair of pot smoking anarchists slowly turn into gun-waving patriots. It’s a strange and interesting road this life and the journey is not done yet.

Anyway it looks like I may be in for a rough week. I’ve long been an eternal pessimist and while I do my best not to drag others down the daily grind does get to me.

I probably should take a couple of weeks off of social media entirely but Hillary Clinton may drop dead at any moment and I wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful days long autistic spasm that #AltRight twitter will have should the great God KEK smile down upon us.

The problem facing the Canadian Right is that no one has the foggiest idea what a Canadian patriot is supposed to look like. Such creatures were last spotted in the early 1960’s and before 1943 Canadian patriotism was basically just loyalty to the British empire (which was why the Quebecois weren’t particularly fond of the idea.)

I’ve never met a legitimate Canadian Nationalist who could properly express his ideas and the very idea of a Canadian Ultra-Nationalist is absolutely hilarious. What would one look like? No one knows? My best mental image of a Canadian Ultra-Nationalist is to imagine the Joker beating you to death with a hockey stick while singing the theme to Rocket Robin Hood.

The bystanders aren’t just horrified they’re laughing too hard to even try and save you.

I’m sorely tempted to put together a Canadian Nationalist Manifesto simply on the basis that we don’t really have one and that people’s reaction to a properly written, well thought out one would be absolutely hysterical. Who knows maybe Milo or Stefan Molyneux would jump on the chance to trigger all of the snowflakes, all at the same time, throughout an entire country of whiny Liberals?

Silly Marxists you wanted a culture war? Well let’s have one.

If you keep saying Canada is a Proposition nation. Why don’t we discuss the proposition?


Canada is a nation of explorers, pioneers, builders and if all Virtue has failed, a nation of soldiers as well. We are not a nation of cowards. We are a nation of fighters who must take elaborate steps and maintain rigid self-discipline to restrain ourselves. It’s time to remember that.

Seek the Truth, Explore the internet. Find the Truth and when you find it; Troll the world with it!


A Flicker of Light in the Dark

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