Meme Magic and Subtle Humor

If any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic, is any sufficiently advanced magic indistinguishable from science?

Memes are magic and let’s face it this here is wizard country. So let’s discuss that magic.

This is a good meme


I got this from @FoolishReporter on twitter. I didn’t ask where he got it. It’s always best that way. Besides the mystic memesmiths work best in secret and should be left undisturbed in their dark caves full of dank smoke and hotpockets.

So let’s stop and analyze it. After all a picture can tell a thousand words.

1:) The core message is clear.

George Soros, his influence and his associates are trouble and the cause of a great deal of our current problems in the world. Countering and removing that influence is HIGHLY desirable.

2:) Boasts your own side’s morale.

This meme presumes a Trump victory and shows the positive rewards of such a victory.

3:) Demoralizes the Enemy.

A:) Mocks the mainstream media’s format and calls them liars.

B:) Reminds them that they can be replaced.

4:) Trolls by telling an uncomfortable truth.

This is the key to Pepe’s Rebellion! This is why everyone is shitting bricks in all directions.

The youth of The West have discovered that the only way to really troll an establishment figurehead or pretty much anyone else in this Time of Lies is by telling them the truth. Horrible and undeniable ones work best. Follow Meme Warfare Tactician John Rivers ( @JohnRiversToo ) and just watch him is action.

So what is the horrible and undeniable truth behind this meme?

The Alt-Right is the second last chance to save The West. Not the last. The Militant Right comes to the forefront should the Alt-Right fail and how do they deal with Leftists? Not in a way the typical liberal reporter would approve of. Why the Militant Right might just throw our smug reporter friend out of the helicopter just to see if he echoes on the way down.

5:) Humor

A meme that isn’t funny isn’t a meme and no-one will spread it. Tyranny both great and small is often best fought with humor, history has taught us that. Go read the jokes that were told behind the Iron Curtain if you want to understand more about our squating Slav brothers.

But can the meme be made any funnier?

This is a very good meme but can it be made better? Is there anyway to put a little icing on the cake?

Consider this; what if someone changed the timestamp in the picture to say 14:88?

-It would be small and not distract from the main message.

-It would be subtle enough that most people would not notice it the first time they saw the meme.

-Anyone who did see it and understand the reference would immediately crack up laughing and feel clever for noticing it.

-Would trigger a few additional idiots.

Small touch, a bit of effort but serious meme magic.


Anyway those are just my thoughts. You’ll find a lot of what I do is based on subtle humor. I try to be smart and funny… sometimes the smart part doesn’t work out too well.

I am but a humble friar wandering among the warrior pilgrims and poor lost souls of Pepe’s Rebellion spreading the wisdom of St. Harambe and the blessing of KEK.


PS: Fake Justin Trudeau quotes never stop being funny. He’s such a Self Important Fuckwit that it’s possible to believe (on a rhetorical level) that he might have said anything. Please make more.



Bradford Walker’s recent post on rhetoric, language and thought policing. Partially inspired this article and worth reading on its own merits.

Meme Magic and Subtle Humor

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