Technical Difficulties



Just a quick heads up. I’m currently having some “minor technical difficulties” that are likely going to limit my online presence or at least slow down my ability to keep up with current events. Since I always make a fool of myself when I attempt to cover breaking news this is no big loss when it comes to writing for this blog. I’m still completely torn on what direction to take this blog. I don’t consider myself particularly funny or insightful but every now and then I get just enough support to make me not quit entirely. We’ve established that I don’t handle praise very well but it’s nice to have my internet friends humor me in my delusions of grandeur.

Understand nothing bad has happened but I have been neglecting a lot of things in my life and I do need to address some of them. Also I have a massive reading backlog.

My blog output might even go up during all this, since I’ll be less able to waste time playing video games.


Sometime in the next few weeks I’ll be starting a second read through of Champlain’s Dream and I will be taking notes this time. I won’t go so far to say that this the book ‘that changed my life’ but it did have a major effect on me to learn that…

Canada had a identifiable founding father.

Who was a man worth emulating.

He seems to have set what amounts to a national zeitgeist

Canada gets into trouble whenever the nation moves away from Champlain’s teachings.

Interesting stuff; especially when you start working in various seems of Alt Right thought. The question facing the modern Canadian patriot is a simple one. “Are we one nation under God or not?” Quite a few on the Alt Right would say no. I still think it’s worthwhile to consider the possibility that the answer is yes. Besides the only people who talk shit about Samuel de Champlain are Toronto ‘intellectuals” and race baiting traitors.

Anyway I’m posting this mainly to make sure I can still post to the blog and to let people know that in the near future content will be ever more erratic and mixed than usual. At least until I find a groove.

Technical Difficulties

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