Youtube Gleanings 2


I’ve had a very unproductive week. I did get a novel read (Trail of Evil by Travis S. Taylor) and I’ve been listening to a lot of Stefan Molyneux in the last couple days but other than that I’ve gotten almost nothing done. So I’m working on this as a way to get some sort of momentum going. Also the list has gotten long enough that I really need to post this one so I can start a fresh new one.

Anyway here’s a second selection of Youtube videos I’ve stumbled across during my hours of aimlessly clicking on things that looked shiny.


Donald Trump is LITERALLY Hitler [1:47]

Paul Joseph Watson strikes again with a blend of political commentary and humor. This really is low hanging fruit here since the leftist social media reaction to Trump is simply beautiful absurdity all by itself.

Dose of Reality: Nobody has Inherent Value [7:30]

Origin of the term “Butter Golem.”

MGTOW Youtuber Raging Golden Eagle gets little ruthless and ranty here. Posting this mainly because of the use of the term butter golem (the first time I had heard it.) I know I cracked a couple of people up using that phrase in my recent Rapid Puppies fan fiction. So giving credit where credit is due only seems like the right thing to do.

Wild Edibles: Pine Bark Flour Substitute [9:08]

And now we’re off on a strange tangent. One night I spent probably about four hours researching um… bread. Specifically the types of bread baked and eaten in northern Scandinavia when they did not always have easy access o wheat flour. I quickly came across a references to using pine bark as a flour substitute. This was done throughout Scandinavia during times of famine and was done by the Lapps and Northern Finns as part of their normal diet. Apparently pine bark flour is quite high in vitamin C.

So anyway here’s a survival video showing the collection of pine bark and it’s use in bread.

Petunteko- Making Pine Bark Flour [8:55]

Okay here’s a second video on pine bark flour. The quality is low but it’s from Finland so it’s about as authentic as you can get. Very impressed with the birchbark container he makes. The author also points out a mistake made in the first video about not grinding the pine flour with a stone as too much of the stone grit gets in the pine flour.

How Copper is Mined and Refined [10:23]

This ten minute short film from 1949 goes through the mining and refining processes starting with a open pit mine in Utah. Interesting that a different blasting procedure is used for horizontal and vertical holes.

C’mon it’s from a company named Viking Pictures I had to include it.

Someone’s Gonna Die [8:35]

Terrence Popp goes through a quick checklist of signs that you may be headed into a dangerous situation. Done mostly from a military point of view but there’s a lot of good advice here. Also the whole video is funny as hell.

Big Weapons – Why? [2:07]

Sometimes weapons are needlessly big? Why? Because killing your enemy with your bling is just good fashion sense. Also one commenter suggests that the giant spear could also be used to fry an egg.

The History of Cultural Marxism [1:30]

This a short highlight cut out of a longer video that serves as a quick introduction to the concepts of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory. Very useful to have something like this to show to newcomers.

C96 Broomhandle: A thing of beauty [3:23]

This is straight up gun porn that I seem to be completely unable to appreciate as I lack the fully trained artistic senses required. Still I did learn what a New York reload is. I wonder if there’s a reason it’s called that?

North Korean MRE Review [7:13]

An excellent in depth review of a North Korean MRE. Although I do believe the single bullet is issued so that the North Korean soldier can shoot a wandering dog or a civilian and take their food instead.

Bonus Section.

A Short History of Finnish Bread:

Bit of a long read but it’s a good window into the customs and folk lore of northern Finland in the 1920’s.

African Throwing Knife:

Iron was fairly valuable in medieval Africa so we have warriors throwing elaborate pieces of bling at their enemies in order to kill them… and yes the part that looks like a dick is supposed to look like a dick. Alpha as fuck!


Youtube Gleanings 2

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