Living in A Redpilled World

In a battle between men, the most masculine will win. In a battle between women, the most feminine will win.”

—Mike Cernovich

I was chewing on that quote today and the logical follow up question came to mind.

So in a battle between a man and a woman what determines the winner?

It took me about an hour to come up with an answer.

In a conflict between a man and a woman the one who is most self-aware and adaptive has the advantage.

That in a nutshell is why the feminists are so obsessed with the vaguely defined manosphere. In a blue-pilled world the woman has the advantage in a conflict with a man. In a redpilled world things are just a little bit different. Now to explain why.

Women are ruthless, pragmatic and practical.

Men are overly romantic, self sacrificing and prone to thinking in sweeping abstracts.


Again in a bluepill world men are much more likely to simply give in to a woman. Also because the average woman is pragmatic and practical she is much more likely to be self-aware than the average man.

Game and SSH awareness changes all that. The redpilled man has a better grasp on reality than even a redpilled woman. Why? Because men have a much easier time keeping their fantasies and reality separate.

For example; I am fully aware that dancing around in my underwear, listening to heavy metal and drinking some unholy alcoholic concoction does not actually make me a Viking no matter how loud I crank the volume. (Still worth it for the look on the neighbours faces, mind you.)

Women, even very smart women can find themselves locked into Disney Princess syndrome. Chasing after Prince Charming long after the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin.

Men as Hunters and Dreamers

Men are basically hunters and lot of our latent instincts reflect that. Which brings us to the difference between big game hunting and small game hunting. Day to day life is essentially small game hunting; Making sure that there’s a rabbit in the pot every day in order to feed your family. Overall a better approach than starving for a week while you wait for the buffalo to show up but not very satisfying. Same with fishing; survival fishing is mostly about catching a lot of little fish instead of landing the one big fish you can show off to your buddies.

So in essence men set their sights and efforts on small game all the while dreaming of big game. Reality and fantasy thus are separated. Still every now and then the men decide to take a crack at the big game. After all buffalo are just damn tasty and the first guy to bring one down becomes the Chief.

Source of Mike Cernovich quote

Living in A Redpilled World

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